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8674. Osnovna skola Antuna Gustava Matosa, Zagreb - Elementary school Antun Gustav Matos

Peace, the bliss of silence that the world has not tasted for a long time. These wars, turmoil, fight and unrest have created chaos in the world. One no longer has patience, can no longer live without these ugly habits. People have forgotten how it was before. People, what is wrong with you? What kind of role model are you setting for your children? Do you want them to grow up in this world full of unrest that you have created? Bring peace to your hearts, to your soul and to your mind. Spread love and happiness to the people around you and to your children. Every hug should be as if it was your last. You have forgotten what peace is, but it is not too late. Wake up and bring peace into your life!
8415. Right to our dreams - 1ο ΕΠΑΛ ΖΑΚΥΝΘΟΥ

The EPA.L. of Zakynthos participates in the student competition "The new generation for Peace" with the radio message entitled "Right to our dreams" In a group, young people, with different origins, talk about their hobbies, their professional expectations, their dreams! But if there was no PEACE... Here is the text of the message: " -Hello ! I was born and live in Greece but I would like to travel around the world. -I come from Germany, I live in Greece. I like playing basketball and my dream is to play professionally. -Hi I'm half English, half Greek, I've been born and raised in Greece, I like art and music, what about you? -Hi, I'm from England, I was born and raised there. I moved to Greece when I was fourteen, I like to paddle board and listen to music and hang out with friends - Our dream job is to work as a yacht group because we want to travel and experience different cultures while making money. - I came from Romania to study and become a beautician. -Hello. I am from India, I live in Greece and I want to become an Electrician. -I come from Albania and my dream is to become a sound engineer. -We are all young, -children of this land -with dreams, big or small ones -Our OWN dreams! -But if we don't have peace, all our dreams will disappear, they will be lost... -For this… (This is followed by music and singing - guitars played by the children - and a small variation of the chorus from "Give Peace a Chance", a song by Plastic Ono Band and John Lennon) “All we are saying is give peace a chance All we are saying is give us a chance”

A group of children on the occasion of the destruction of a war toy, discuss to find ways to raise money for its replacement. In the discussion that begins, they decide that this has no value and decide to send a letter to the prime ministers of the whole world to stop the wars so that their children can have a better future...
8469. Voice of Peace - OŠ "Davorin Trstenjak", Podgajci Posavski

Naucite zivjeti u sadasnjosti kada je buducnost nesigurna. Imajte postovanja prema drugima i ne osudujte ih zbog toga sto su drugaciji. Budite tolerantni i ucinite svijet boljim mjestom!
8531. Peace is Love, lots of Love - 4ο ΝΗΠΙΑΓΩΓΕΙΟ ΑΓΙΟΥ ΣΤΕΦΑΝΟΥ

With the children of the 4th Kindergarten of Agios Stefanos Attica, we started talking about Peace almost from the beginning of the school year. We were talking not only about the Peace beside us and around us but also about the Peace within us. We shared ideas about how we can achieve Peace in our minds and thoughts - listening to the music, playing, blowing up our bellies like a balloon and taking breaths with our eyes closed, singing, drinking water, going for walks... Then we talked about Peace in the classroom, in the neighborhood, around the world. A lot of ideas were said about what we miss from life when Peace is missing... The dominant words were Freedom and Play but also Walks, Homes, Happiness, Joy, Beauty, Friendship... and of course Health and Love... With these words in mind, we created our own message for Peace: Peace is Love, lots of Love Peace is Friendship Peace is very Nice Peace is very Kind Peace is very Beautiful We Need Peace to Play Freely and Nicely Adults, bring back Peace so that we all live happily and joyfully To have houses To go for walks May we have Health and Love. The music that accompanies the children's words is called "So Happy" and was created by Scott Holmes Music. The creation of the poster along with the children's words were combined in a video that you can watch here: Enjoy!
8474. Why is this so difficult? - 5ο ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ ΖΑΚΥΝΘΟΥ

The war that is happening is affecting some kids in our class, since they have relatives in Russia. Two different dialogues between two children in our school. What makes them so different? The third grave students wrote the story, the lyrics and the music of this powerful message! [During the dialogue that students speak russian, we can hear Anastasia chatting happily with her family in Russia, before the war started]
8338. Messages in a bottle travel in the Aegean - 19ο ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ ΠΑΤΡΩΝ

Students give voice to unaccompanied refugee minors. This spot was created after working with my students on the book "Monologues from the Aegean" which includes the travel and tge dreams of unaccompanied refugee minors. The students chose the words that impressed them and with them we recorded this message in order to give them voice. Working all together the students chose the music, created the sound of the bottle with their mouth, searched and voted for the title, and created the banner handmade. The rehearsals took place in the class with the smartphone and the record took place in a studio next to school, The words of this episode: Messages in a bottle travel in the Aegean Sea. My name is Mustapha There has been a war in my country for 34 years. I hope I’ ll reach the place I’ m dreaming of /My name is Khalid, I am 16 years old and I come from Pakistan. I have been walking for three years. I want a real home. I feel like a beggar found at the edge of the world. We got into death boats. I feel better here in Greece My name is Zolman. I am 16 years old. I am trying to learn your language. My name is Ibrahim and I am 17. I come form Syria I would like to be like the other children… like you The first thing I think of when I wake up in the morning is my mother We need to be patient. My name is Tayeb and I am 15 years old. I come from Pakistan. My life is like a shabby ladder that keeps moving I would like to find refuge in your country I am now dreaming and making plans for the future. Being human means being good. I have time to rebuild my life and follow my dreams I’ ll keep fighting for this
8335. Don't turn the other side - 17ο ΗΜΕΡΗΣΙΟ ΓΥΜΝΑΣΙΟ ΑΘΗΝΩΝ

The 17th Junior High School of Athens participates in the competition "Kanto nakoustei 2023". The radio message was created by students of the three grades of our school . It is a protest against the constant state of war of our planet since the day they were born and also a demand for e peaceful world.
8486. Put prema miru - Saint Matthew Primary School

Hi, friend! Although different, we are all the same because we have the same tolerance living within each of us. Instead of looking at our differences as our flaws, regard them as our uniqueness. There is freedom existing in us. We are free from ugly thoughts, free from hatred and intolerance. We have a deep understanding of ourselves and you. Hi, friend! I respect your opinions, ideas and actions, athough they are different from mine. We want and we create a diversity and a world in which there will be room for everyone. Hi, friend! I can tell that you are different! I’ll give you a chance… Allow me to get to know you! Let’s spred peace with a smile, a handshake, and, most importantly, with our words and deeds. The road to peace begins with us. We shouldn’t look for it, we must initiate it. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to move. Excuses may make our present easier, but they complicate our future. The future is in our hands. Respect! Accept! Approve!

Participation of 4th General High School of Keratsini in the song contest "Kanto n'akoustei 2023" on the subject "Youth for Peace". Work team : Music editing, poster editing, video editing : Antonis Fotinos, PE86 Text, recording, reading : Stamatia Charami Text : Imagine waking up in the morning, opening your window, let the sunshine come in, smell the spring and listen to the sounds of the birds. And then you woke up!! What kind of world is it, the one we live in? And what can we do about it? Why do adults consider war a solution? New generation, get ready! We will show the adults what peace means! We will change the world! At least we will try! Video :
8302. Irene for the... peace! - 1ο ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ ΣΙΑΤΙΣΤΑΣ ΒΟΙΟΥ

Αttendance of E1 and E2 classes 1st Primary school of Siatista to the competition "Make it heard 2023", with subject "Youth for peace". 1) Do you know Irene; 2) Who; That stingy of Ε3΄; 3) She isn' t stingy! Merely, she is not penurious! 4) Irene; She had three goals to us; 5) She could take advanced of her power but... 6) She doesn' t that, because she knows to have regards for us. 7) Irene; has the cat got your tongue? ; 8) No. Merely, firstly think and after speak! 9) Ssssss! Not to hear us! 10) If she heard us, i know what she would say! She doesn' t like the secret! 11) She is straightforward person and prefers the truth! 12) Irene; Is she who fessed up the autogoal which put and our team losed; 13) Yes, because she knows what justice means! 14) You speak for Irene? Is she who takes care her books as to be gold; 15) Yes, because her gun is knowledge. 16) Is she who gave handoff to Orphea who doesn' t know to play handball; 17) Irene doesn' t care just to win. She learnt and to lose. 18) Irene comes from "eiro" and that means "unite". 19) Finally, who is Irene; 20) My friends, I am Irene. I am nothing. 21) Just a clear conscience. Come! 22) All together with Irene!

The pupils of the KINDERGARTEN OF MOSCHOCHORI IN GREECE created this radio spot to awaken the world to ask for a better future with peace. They cooperated with their teachers for the text and the recording for this rap radio spot. Peace is a warm nest, it holds all the children. I love peace. I want it for the whole world. There is peace, there is joy. All the children feel happy. I will help peace. I will protect all the world. We may be young but we will manage to bring peace on Earth. Young people and grown ups all together we will be able to bring peace on Earth.

The 9 students of 5th and 6th grade worked all together in the following way: - First, during the English class, they discussed some opinions with their English teacher about peace and war. - Then, they wrote down some keywords and the students made some sentences, expressing their opinion about the topic. The English teacher helped them with the grammar check, without intervening in their opinions. - Furthermore, we learned how a recording is done, having a help by my laptop and capacitor microphone. The program we used is “Audacity”. - Finally, the students made an order in these sentences as to make sense, giving the meaning of peace and made the recording with me having a supportive role. Because of the school has no musical equipment, nor access to them, considering the fact that the students have no previous music education (during previous years there wasn’t a music teacher, because the school is minimal with only 21 students in total) it was really difficult to compose some music. Therefore, we discussed copyrights, we made research about platforms with music free copyrights and the students choose the music. So, from the platform “Royalty Free Music Downloads” (, we used this song: It must be noted that the initial idea was the radio message to be a loop. But we discussed the reasons why this cannot happen. They insisted on a loop, so they decided to begin and end with the same phrase, as to give the feeling of a loop. Here, you can read our radio message: Peace is the highest of happiness. Wait, wait, wait… What does peace mean? Peace means freedom, justice, fairness, equality and development. Peace is a way of life, in which we care, respect and love each other in spite of our culture, religion and political differences. Living in peace is living in security, calmness and harmony. Peace is a state, a way of life in which we live all together freely. Peace means no fighting, no violence and no war. War means pain, injuries, conflicts, guns and innocent deaths. Make peace, no war. Everyday choose to make peace. And at the end of the day I think that….. Peace is the highest of happiness.
8141. A wish for peace - 5ο ΝΗΠΙΑΓΩΓΕΙΟ ΓΙΑΝΝΙΤΣΩΝ

The 5th Kindergarten of Giannitsa wishes for world peace I want to make a wish and to be carried out immediately for the people to have again peace to all the earth I want to play in the streets to sing, laugh, dance everyone is loved now and like a fist united I wish Santa Claus brings me this year peace love and hugs no one suffers!
8170. Ako se mene pita (If You Asked Me) - Ekonomska Skola Vukovar

Dear Sir/Madam, we, The High School of Economics Vukovar, Croatia, would like to participate in your Make it Heard contest. Our school radio has recorded a message of peace for their peers around Europe and the world. It is in Croatian but we are also sending you the translated version of the message/song so that you are able to understand what the core message is about. General information: Lyrics and the vocal: Elena Petrović, 2. g Music: Filip Lukić The translation: If You Asked Me If you asked me, life would be easier, People would be happier and the world would be a nicer place. If you asked, forests wouldn`t be cut down for without oxygen everything dies. If you asked me, there wouldn`t be famine, we would all have a roof over our heads and life would be easier. If you asked me, I would stop all the violence, and there would be peace everywhere. If you asked me, there would be no sorrow, for without sorrow, we would all be merry. If you asked me, there wouldn`t be orphanages, for every child would have its own safe haven.
8451. Heart at Peace - 3ο Γυμνάσιο Καβάλας

Good morning Irene, what are you doing? Good morning Lia, I'm ready to run away.... What happened to you Irene? That Giannis pushed me during the break and did it on purpose to irritate me... Has he done it before and other times? Sometimes …. and today when I didn't write well in the math test I'm sad I can't stand it - I can't stand it anymore.... so I feel like cursing him and hitting him….. I think it's best to talk to him first Irene And what should I say to him, Lia, what should he understand... Put limits on him, Irene, so he doesn't bother you anymore. This is not behavior towards a classmate of his.... and to talk to the responsible teacher of the class.... I'm sure it will help you. Yes, indeed... I have to do something... you're right, I'll talk to Giannis as well as our teacher... but i want to be together... i feel more confident…. when do you want to go Let's go now; ….. Yes yes the sooner the better …………… let's go together Irene.
8126. I dream and I will keep dreaming, do you hear me? - 19ο ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ ΕΥΟΣΜΟΥ

Participation of 19th primary school Euosmos in the contest ''Kanto na akoustei 2023''

Participation of 4th General High School of Keratsini in the song contest "Kanto n'akoustei 2023" on the subject "Youth for Peace". Work team : Music editing, poster editing, video editing : Antonis Fotinos, PE86 Text, recording, reading : Emmanouela Besi Text : Ah, my life overflows with happiness, my house, my parents, love, food, clothes toys, I don't miss anything, I live in a fairy tale and it spontaneously overflows from my mouth I'm so happy mom dad I love you the father's face lights up with satisfaction and suddenly darkness in his gaze. Dad what's up. Father's words kept running through my mind. Our culture is to kill each other. States arm themselves with weapons. They secure enemies instead of friends. Human lives have no value. War everywhere because the goal is one. The profit. Dad, I don't like this world, I want to change it. Baby, you can't change the world but with effort and struggle you can change yourself. Peace, love, solidarity. If you carry them within you, they will bring the change. I was seven, today I'm seventeen, every day, I try and struggle and remember: Peace is the answer to evil. Video :

What is at last the meaning of this famous “peace”? Maybe it is about hope About harmony, communication Respect, calmness and security Solidarity ,mutual understanding Dreaming, opportunities Serenity and education Liveness About democracy But, let’s define the meaning of “peace” It has to do with harmonical coexistence of all humanity Without stereotypes and predjustice Not necessarily, nevertheless, about strictly friendly relationships It has to do with overcoming of “ego” Respect towards eterogeny Respect towards different choices What does this practically? It means the lack of hatred and violence The social-economic, political and spiritual development The love for the natural environment… We can say that the meaning of the phrase is (according to a demand during the greek dictatorship between 1967-1973) : «Bread-Education-Freedom” Otherwise, why should we fight, while we can live in peace? And, of course, we cannot put aside the significance of music in the research of this highest good which is called “peace”…
8177. Give Peace a Chance! - 1ο ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ ΑΤΑΛΑΝΤΗΣ

Give Peace a Chance..! The famous song made by John Lennon and Plastic Ono Band in 1969 was the real inspiration for the pupils of the 6th class of Primary School of Atalanti Greece in order to take part in the radio message contest "Make it be heard". Actually, the pupils protest against war pretending to be war victims themselves and articulating specific words and sentences, which are full of sentiments..They try to make the listener identify with them and consequently understand how the victims of war feel..If you try to visualise their voices while you are hearing them, then you will surely make a picture of people who suffer physically and mentally and who definitely believe in a life full of peace..! Because in the end, it's hope that wins..!
8074. Mesovounia Primary School Peace Radio Spot 2023 - ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ ΜΕΣΟΒΟΥΝΙΩΝ

Participation of the 5th Grade of Mesovounia Primary School in the European School Radio contest 2023 (Sound of baskeball hitting the floor, voices of children) Boy: Zoe (Life) ... You choose! Girl: Angelos (Angel), Eleftheria (Freedom), Agapi (Love) ... Boy: One more! Children: Me! Me! Me!... Girl: I want Irene (Peace)! We win only with her! Boy: But Irene (Peace) has been missing for almost a year now... When shall we play? Children: Missing or not missing, we choose Irene (Peace)!
8485. The road to peace - Saint Matthew Primary School

Hi, friend! Although different, we are all the same because we have the same tolerance living within each of us. Instead of looking at our differences as our flaws, regard them as our uniqueness. There is freedom existing in us. We are free from ugly thoughts, free from hatred and intolerance. We have a deep understanding of ourselves and you. Hi, friend! I respect your opinions, ideas and actions, athough they are different from mine. We want and we create a diversity and a world in which there will be room for everyone. Hi, friend! I can tell that you are different! I’ll give you a chance… Allow me to get to know you! Let’s spred peace with a smile, a handshake, and, most importantly, with our words and deeds. The road to peace begins with us. We shouldn’t look for it, we must initiate it. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to move. Excuses may make our present easier, but they complicate our future. The future is in our hands. Respect! Accept! Approve!
8589. Merry Christmas, but for whom?? - 4ο ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ ΚΟΜΟΤΗΝΗΣ

The children of the integration class of the 4th primary school of Komotini send a message for peace through their stories. Onur: My name is Onur, I was born in Greece, because we are not the same they call me names, we have been many places everywhere so they do. I am sad because I don't understand why. Ermenelda: My name is Ermi, I came from Albania. My mum said we should go and find a pigeon. We came to Greece and they accepted me with love. Milena: My name is Milena and I came from Ukraine. We left in a hurry and I didn't have time to get my medals. The war continues.. Backing track Lyrics: "Refugee Carol" Τhe first day of the month as well as of the year we have no consolation and may the new year commence well the world is banished The Kemalist army has come In, in Asia Minor, and they took us and exiled us. And where to build a nest, like deserted birds all, all hunt us and don't want, and don't want to see us Tell me, if we're not together What's the point of any country? Then we'll, then we'll have hope. Tell me That we'll have, that we'll have a country. Teachers: Latsaras Georgios, PE.79.01, general coordination, song selection and recording. Illona Spyrliadou, PE70, integration class teacher, supporting the children and helping them to express their thoughts.
8492. Uniting our voices for peace! - Lycium Giannaki Talioti Geroskipou

My name is Vladyslav, I am from Ukraine and I came to Cyprus because of the war. I am very sad that there is a war in my country... PLEASE!!!! STOP FIGHTING! WE WANT TO LIVE PEACEFULLY! WE DREAM TO RETURN TO OUR HOMES TO OUR FRIENDS TO OUR RELATIVES I'm Darra and I'm from Syria. Three years ago I had to leave my country and come to Cyprus because of the war... I remember... like it was yesterday... shells were being thrown at us. My father was killed in 2015 by one of these shells. I hate war...I feel so sad...I want peace! Only peace! The war is over! May peace, safety and love return to our hearts and lives! So many wars, so many deaths. And no reason. How many families still have to leave their country? How many people must die to save their lands? We are the generation that needs to change that. Children of the world unite! All together we can raise the sun of peace high in our hearts and in our world! Because we are our world and we can change it. Let's build it the way we want without hatred, discord, discrimination, wars. Let's fill the next generation with smiles. Shout out loud and let the message be heard that we don't want war - only peace.
8037. War is not a game! - 1ο ΟΛΟΗΜΕΡΟ ΝΗΠΙΑΓΩΓΕΙΟ ΜΕΓΑΛΟΠΟΛΗΣ

Our participation in the European School Radio competition. -"Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep.." "My doll is Peace!" "Vroom, Vroom!!" "My toy cars are Peace" -"Bang, bang!!" -"The war is not a game!" -"The war is black!" -"The war is fire!" -"The war is bad!" -"Make it heard: The war is not a game!! Give Peace a chance!!"
8630. The sounds of peace - 4ο Δημοτικό Σχολείο Ζακύνθου

Participation of 4th Primary school of Zakynthos -Greece in kanto nakoustei radio spot
8142. I'm 16 and.... I can change the world. - 1ο ΓΕΝΙΚΟ ΛΥΚΕΙΟ ΑΙΓΑΛΕΩ

Participation of the 1st GEL Aegaleo in the Make It Heard 2022 competition, with a radio message related to the topic: "The new generation for Peace - Youth for Peace'. The children, with discreet guidance from their teacher, created a radio message that expresses the new generation and responds to those who deny them the right to dream. The text is the result of group work, while the recording was done with the same equipment at the school. Text : I am young boy I am young girl I am 16 I am 17 and I want to play, laugh, joy with carelessness You are old, you are strong, you are hollow-headed and you give me despair, sadness, pain.... No thanks… You give me bombs and missiles and nukes… But I want pencil factories, and books, and theaters and cinemas and carefree walks in the square with friends.... You give me dead children, crazy soldiers, crippled, refugees, orphans, widows... But I want happy mothers, I want strong and strong fathers, I want children to complain about the many lessons... You give me hunger, ruined cities, empty eyes... But I want a house, a corner of my own, familiar streets, secret dates with the boy I love. I want schools full of children You give me hate, labels for enemies to destroy, You give me real guns and bullets that kill You give me darkness and death…. But I want colorful friends, I want water guns, I want hugs, I want to give and not take.... Hey you, big and old who didn't learn anything from the nuclear mushrooms of the past, listen to what I want, me the little one... I want fields sown, I want peaceful sleep, i want smiles I want to dream I want there to be a tomorrow for me, for you, for everyone Thanks I won't take what you give me. Because I'm 16 and I can change the world!

8368. Where is Peace? - 2ο ΕΕΕΕΚ ΠΥΛΑΙΑΣ-ΧΟΡΤΙΑΤΗ

Participation of the 2nd E.E.E.E.K. Pylaias-Hortiatis (Thessaloniki) in the contest "Make it heard" 2023 with the theme "Youth for Peace - in the category SPECIAL SCHOOLS Students that participated: Giouldouris Giorgos Alveniotis Kostantinos Giannoulis Alexandros Thoma Magdalini Specials teacher's who helped students: Diamantopoulou Christina, Petridou Charitini, Markou Elisavet, Diamantopoulou Eriphily First there was a discussion about the concept of peace and war, we referred to the recent war in Ukraine, using video, reportage and we read Aristophanes' Peace for children. Text captured from students' ideas (students cannot write due to their disability) many free music themes were listened to (without copyright) and they chose the specific one that accompanies the text, text was recorded, we connected music to text, Poster formation through a smart intelligence program where the children chose and decided which words they wanted to be captured in a picture and then They chose the poster that represents them, and the art teacher filled in the name of the school. Text of the Radio Spot Peace, Peace, Peace Where did Peace go? Where is Peace? Some people are looking for it. Who is looking for peace? Those who lost loved ones under the rubble. Those who left their homeland taking the key with the hope that one day they will return back home. Peace left them and went away Peace did not leave them. They grabbed peace, they kidnapped peace and didn't let peace go back. Why? Because peace spoils the plans of war The war wants to sell weapons. Peace does not leave him. And why doesn't he kill peace to finish? Peace does not die, Peace is immortal. Lives in peoples hearts if we leave Peace, Peace will exist everywhere, in every country, all over the world. Let's all shout out together for Peace to come back: Peace, Peace,Peace…
8594. Peace you should love Thales of Miletus - 1ο ΕΠΑΛ ΚΑΤΟΧΗΣ

Peace, the supreme good praised like no other The light that dissolves the gloomy darkness of War It is the just sleep, the calmness and the progress It’s the rise and guarante of life That is why Man always seeks it and never gets tired seeking it The Greeks have fought a lot throughout their History Civil Wars, Balkan Wars, World Wars and they worship Peace as a Goddess, because the one who fights for Peace knows what it stands for When Peace emerges, the fields of War become fields to grow, guns turn into ploughs, Curse becomes a wish and Force results in Creation instead of Death We say YES TO PEACE, NO TO WAR Let our voices merge into the Kostis Palamas words What if I dance the dance of War, it’s Thou, Peace that I worship on my knees
8153. A message for peace - ΓΕΝΙΚΟ ΛΥΚΕΙΟ ΚΑΡΠΕΝΗΣΙΟΥ

Creative writing group of Karpenisi General High School: Alexandra, Gionida, Dimitris, Irini, Efi, Natalia The students who make up the creative writing group of the Karpenisi General High School wrote this poem and created this audio message for peace. "Peace is not carcasses on the street, fallen as if leaves of a golden autumn Peace is not our home burning, collapsing, bringing our dreams down and leaving only the old armchair standing last among debris, a throne of Death Peace is not the day overtaking the night horror, or broken pictures, or flowers lying on the ground covered in blood. Peace is the hand that fetches water to comfort the burning eyes Peace is the fingers that join to embrace the earth during the dance of joy, so that the hidden children can drink and enjoy the sun, the stars, the bread and oil they cherish in a world feast" Video:
8436. Break the cycle - 1ο Δημοτικό Σχολείο Παπάγου

We are breaking the cycle of violence and then peace is born! Starting with our everyday relationships, we take the parts, enforce ourselves with our own gifts, become who we trully are and then become brothers with our classmates, our siblings, our neighbours, other people from other countries. Follow us! Give us your hand to form the new circle of Peace, Friendship and Love! If we can change, the whole world can change. Only then true peace can be achieved! The Peace that begins within each one of us and emrasses the whole world! Watch our video at the following URL:

Who is "Irini"? What is her real name? And where does she want to go? Το όνομά μου είναι "Ειρήνη". Όλοι οι λαοί του κόσμου με ζητούν. Άλλοι με λένε salam, άλλοι, paz, κι άλλοι peace, amani, barış... Ειρήνη... Που σημαίνει αγάπη, ηρεμία, ένωση, γαλήνη, μη βία... Το όνομά μου είναι "Ειρήνη" κι είναι μέρες που φοβάμαι. Όπως τότε, στον Πελοποννησιακό που είχα κρυφτεί σε μια σπηλιά και με έψαχναν 27 ολόκληρα χρόνια ή στον Μεγάλο Πόλεμο που πνίγηκα από τα δηλητηριώδη αέρια και πιάστηκα στα συρματοπλέγματα... Και στον Β Π.Π. που με βομβάρδισαν, με εκτέλεσαν, με ολοκαυτώσανε και με έκαψαν με τις ατομικές τους βόμβες. Το όνομα μου είναι "Ειρήνη" και δεν θέλω πια να φοβάμαι, δεν θέλω να κρύβομαι. Θέλω να καταφέρω να φτάσω στη Συρία, στην Παλαιστίνη, στο Αφγανιστάν, στην Ουκρανία... Πρέπει να τα καταφέρω... Προλαβαίνω... Δώσε μου μια ευκαιρία!
8274. A world filled with peace - 1ο ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ ΨΑΧΝΩΝ ΧΑΛΚΙΔΑΣ

Participation of the first Primary School of Psaxna in the competition
8505. "All that you ask...." - ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ ΠΑΝΤΟΚΡΑΤΟΡΟΣ

Participation of the All Day Primary School of Pantokratoras Zakynthou in the 2023 "Kanto nakoustei-Radio spot" competition entitled: “Youth for Peace”.
7934. RUNNING OUT OF TIME FOR CLIMATE at 14 Primary School of Acharnes - 14ο Δημοτικό Σχολείο Αχαρνών

The Baton Message at 14 Primary School of Acharnes We are Running Out of Time. Quality climate education is critical if we are to equip people of all ages and in all places with the knowledge and skills necessary to build a future in which all can thrive. Young people need to be recognised as leaders, placed at the forefront of the conversation about climate change and empowered through education.
8542. Peace is a right - Dimosio Nipiagogio Drosias

The children of Drosia Public Nursery are learning about their rights. Their voices are strong in saying that they have a right to peace! With their words, they invite us all to see through their eyes and create peace together!!! I am a child I have the right Do you know that I have the right for peace? Do you know peace is my right? I love playing Come on dad Come on mum Push the swing high Look! I am flying like a bird Let's share the colours Let's draw peace together A school The children are playing with the ball in the playground Listen, listen…. They are laughing They are friends Here is our house A big hug My family It smells like vanilla here Have some if you want We made cookies I have the right to peace I want all the children in the world to be happy You can help me Together we can stop the war I don't want to be afraid I don't want to hide To dream I'm George, I'm Nikolas, I' m Maria I am a child Peace is a right
8378. Youth for Peace - Primary school Jagoda Truhelka

Make it Heard - interview Gabrijela (host): Good afternoon everyone from radio station “Make it Heard”, Croatia. Today’s topic is peace. We also have a guest: miss Iris. Iris, what is world peace? Iris (guest): Peace is freedom. Peace is also a time without war or discrimination. Gabrijela (host): Is world peace possible? Iris (guest): Yes, if people understand that without peace, we cannot live normally, world peace is possible. Gabrijela (host): Are you working in the company Anti-bullying? Iris (guest): Yes, I am. Gabrijela (host): And what is your theme colour? Iris (guest): Our theme colour is orange. Gabrijela (host): But, why orange? Iris (guest): Because by wearing orange we show victims of bullying that they are not alone. Gabrijela (host): What is cyberbullying? Iris (guest): Cyberbullying is bullying on the Internet. Gabrijela (host): Why is it so hard to save world peace? Iris (guest): Saving world peace is hard because there were always people who want war and revenge. Gabrijela (host): Can humans be peaceful? Iris (guest): Of course. If others are being nice to them, they will be peaceful as well. Gabrijela (host): And, do you have a theme sentence about peace? Iris (guest): Yes. World peace makes our future better. Gabrijela (host): Goodbye from the radio station “Make it Heard” and treat others the way you want to be treated. Iris (guest): Goodbye!
8484. If peace had a voice - ΝΗΠΙΑΓΩΓΕΙΟ ΚΟΡΦΟΒΟΥΝΙΟΥ ΑΡΤΑΣ

The students of Artas Korfovouni Kindergarten, under the guidance of Kindergarten teacher Elpida Mamaki, give us a resounding message about the value of peace! If peace had a voice he would sing from one end to the other across the whole earth.. He would say lullaby to all the children and her notes would fill every corner of us. If peace had speech he would shout for all the children in the world... who stand alone and afraid, under the same sun, with you, with me If peace had color, rainbow would be, like a bridge wide. It would light up heaven and earth... laughter would fill our every neighborhood.

Students from Arsakeio Kindergarten of Ioannina send out their own message for peace!
8395. My Peace Story - Elementary school Vladimira Nazora Pazin

The Peace Story In this time of turmoil, we ask ourselves where peace is, what peace is and when will it arrive. Achieving peace is not easy, but it can be done. The most important thing is that one cannot achieve peace with somebody who does not want peace at all. At the beginning of a war, nobody wants peace, but when the consequences of a war start to emerge, peace is, at that point, somewhere in the subconscious, but with time it turns into a desire and eventually everybody carves it. Peace and violence are continuous in the cycle of human existence, which means that peace is approaching and when it arrives it is necessary to hold it for as long as possible. We all strive for peace because it gives us the possibility for development and growth. Only by understanding, respect and accepting others we can expect to get all this in return. Let us be the positive example of how we want to live in peace. Let us make the world a better place for living. Author: Gabriel Grabrovic (14), Elementary School Vladimir Nazor Pazin, Croatia *Pianist: Monica Isabelle Popovic, Schubert IMPROMPTU no 1, in C minor Op.90.
8376. Youth for Peace1 - Primary school Jagoda Truhelka

Peace Ivana: Hello everyone and welcome to our radio message. Karla: Today’s topic is going to be peace. Ivana: Looking at the situation that the world is currently in, we are probably going to face some big consequences in the future that we and all the generations after us are going to have to deal with. Karla: Both of us are very opinionated therefore we are going to express our thoughts on the following topics. Ivana: Racism, lack of women’s rights, hate towards other religions, all cause the fallout of our society. Karla: We think that you can never truly know what a person is going through because of their ethnicity, gender, skin color or religion. Ivana: The worst of all is that these things aren’t problems yet there are still certain people who make a big deal out of them. Karla: Why? Ivana: We aren’t completely sure, but you could say that we believe that those are the people who lack sincerity and consideration towards others. Karla: Even though we live in the 21st century and many things have changed, there will always be individuals with who you will not be able to reason with. Ivana: Nonetheless if we try hard enough to show them that no matter where you’re from, what your skin color is, your gender, religion… we are all alike. Karla: All of us are human and we should all be equal, why should I have privilege over someone just because of my skin color. Ivana: Hopefully in the future when we are all older we can help stop all this hatred but for now YOU can help. Let’s bring peace to the world together.

The radio team of the 7th Gymnasio Katerinis in Greece was thinking that war is in our houses from our early age throught war games and toy-guns ... lets start a new world without war in our lives Father: Boys, come here, I have a surprise for you! Father: So... Mother: What is in that bag Maki? Did you bring them war games again? Father: Ahhhh... Maybe, maybe not? Journalist: The Russian invasion to Ukraine counts up to 173 days and it looks like this was only the start of a hard and prolonged war. Mother: There! Do you see what is happening in the world?! All these situations start from these small things. I know that behind your presents exist only good intentions but with these kind of gifts you promote battles and wars. So stop doing whatever comes into your head! Boy 1: Mom is right dad! Boy 2: We say yes to piece and no to war! All together: Peace forever!
8374. Why Grandma? - 1ο ΓΥΜΝΑΣΙΟ ΟΡΕΣΤΙΑΔΑΣ

(TV plays from behind with news about the war in Ukraine) Granddaughter: Grandma? What is happening in Ukraine? Grandma: Unfortunately, war my little girl. Granddaughter: And what is war? What is going on there? Grandma: My sweet girl, these are bad things. Granddaughter: Why grandma? I want to learn! Grandma: I'll tell you. For a long time, two countries could not agree on some things, so they started fighting with each other. Granddaughter: Oh no! What a shame! Grandma: Indeed, my little girl, and that's how they ended up fighting with guns and bombs and so many people die every day and so many lose their homes and starve. Granddaughter: Are they not afraid? Also, how do they keep up with their homework for school? Grandma: My dear, these people are afraid. As for their homework, these kids don't go to school. They spend their days in shelters and they don't play with other kids like you do. (Steps from brother) Granddaughter: George, did you know that in our world there are some people who suffer? Grandson: NO, but I don't care because I don't suffer so why would I bother! Granddaughter: But they don't have houses! Grandson: I have. Grandma: My boy, these people are suffering. You shouldn't talk about them like that. Grandson: Why grandma, how do you know they are suffering? Grandma: I have experienced the war, back in the years, and the situation was similar. Things were difficult, we had no freedom, we couldn't go out. Granddaughter: Grandma is right. It may be happening far from us, but in the end, it concerns us all. That is why I am telling you that we, our generation, must fight for world peace, so that all the children of the earth can play freely, go to school and laugh. Grandson – Granddaughter: ALL together for PEACE!
8333. Peace - Aglantzia Primary School C'

Peace to you, Peace to all as Christ used to call at His students. Peace is not a romantic idea. It is a universal value. For me it is Respect, for me it is Love. Peace is sunny Sundays and festive meals, the carefree summer holidays. Waking up in the morning for school, for work, our daily routine! The serenity of sunset, the summer evenings, the cheerful colours of the sky on a spring day, the children s laughter playing carelessly in the streets, the chipping of the bird, a mother s embrace. Peace is to dream, to hope to make plans for the future. And suddenly the war comes and plunges you into a nightmare. Our world experienced two world wars, but never world peace. Somewhere on earth there are canons roaming. Some time ago in Cyprus… Not so long ago in Syria… And now in Ukraine… And tomorrow who knows where…. Maybe there is war everywhere. And from blissful harmony we are led to chaos… wounded faces, demolished houses, queues of people that leave their places, crammed into trains, into the wrecked boats… along with their dreams and peace… …Which quickly will rise again… Because Peace is meant to be a fighter!
8247. The picture of peace! - 2ο ΝΗΠΙΑΓΩΓΕΙΟ ΝΙΚΗΤΗΣ

I'm Alla and I live in Ukraine. Every night in my dark room, I sit and paint a new world, a world of peace! I take my most colorful markers, to bring color back into my dark world. I don't pick out paintings easily, but this is my favorite. With my magic eraser, up there at the top, I'm blotting out our dark sun, and putting a bright sun in its place! A BRILLIANT SUN! THE SUN OF PEACE!!! I am drawing my house again, as it was from the beginning. Tall and colorful! With my markers, I put pink and red smiles again, on me and my family! ... but a bigger part catches... the sign of peace! I don't know if my drawing will one day come true... But I really believe in miracles.... You???
8361. "Peace means...." - Ε.Ε.Ε.Ε.Κ ΣΕΡΡΩΝ

Our school's students, in cooperation with their teachers, have created the above message for European school radio competition "Make it heard" Enjoy...!!!!

Peace is beautiful . Decorated with flowers she tears the eaves of the sea. She sings to the stars which wash her. She dances on the rocks wearing a white dress. She balances on the threads of hope and smiles at the abyss without any fear. She looks at the people who have put out the lanterns of Bastille singing that we won. But did we really win? Icy gazes and creepy minds try to process what they have seen. Make peace, they command. No violence. But I think I want the violence. Looking at those children who cry, observing their footsteps which drip hope and their gazes which sink in sorrow and pain, I’ am sure I want violence. Peace is a nice word even though we have never seen it. As long as some people plant bombs, let children being slaughtered on the stands and try to convince us that we are free, I don't see any peace. What about you? Peace, written with p,e,a,c,e. We have seen it written in the children kidnapping, in persecution, alienation, fascism, bombs, explosives, woods, blood, pain, grief and beatings to the immigrants. They give me violence but I am not afraid of it anymore. Because I have seen my homeland selling me and I have seen other homelands selling their own children. I have seen the shop windows and what's behind them. So how come do you ask me to be by your side? Peace is beautiful, dancing in white but the milk that she holds is red.
8387. War is an enemy; peace is the leader. - Dimotiko Sxoleio Constantinoupoleos

Through creative lyrics, children of the 4th grade of our school tried to send the message through rap style words for the benefits of peace and the disadvantages of war. Starting with the strong simile of how difficult is to conquer peace and the need for the war to give its place to a peaceful world. Through Environmental Education and Music, they composed their message, and all twenty-four classmates participated to have a great result. Let's give peace the leader role! Difficult to conquer peace like walking without shoes on the Moon. Peace is a huge treasure, But war is a very mean enemy! War scatters panic to the world, Love in humanity is scarce. We want happy children, Without us fighting with swords. Free life without war on earth, Free you as well without any wound. We want peace to fill out our hearts, Without war to wonder around like an enemy. The world needs us all to be united, Not without reasons all the time quarreled. Peace and no war, United like the wind. We want peace in the earth, Maybe it’s just a wish! Let’s hope it becomes reality, Peace!!!

A radio message created by students of the B High school class of the General Lyceum of Κallipoli, in the framework of the Cultural Program Education in the Media, as a participation in the Panhellenic Student Competition Contest of the European School Radio Make it be heard 2023
8615. Break the silence. Stop the violence. - TESEK MAKARIOS G, NICOSIA

He calls me every ten minutes to see where I am. I feel imprisoned. I have to speak. I was afraid. That was my mistake. I wished every day was better. But he became more and more violent, as if he hated both me and my daughter. He told me that I am better than my friends, so I better not hang out with them. He was jealous of everything and everyone. Do you know that one in three women will, at some point in their lives, experience physical, psychological or sexual violence from their partner? Violence against women is a chronic wound. A global phenomenon During pandemic, domestic violence has increased alarmingly. Calls to victim support lines have quintupled. Let’s defeat violence. We send a resounding message to all forms of women abuse. Don’t be silent. Break the taboo of tolerance and silence. Do not tolerate abuse. Protect your life and dignity. Love girls, respect mother, daughter, partner. Let the girls live in PEACE.
8396. LONGING FOR PEACE - Δωδεκάνησα

8409. Youth for Peace - 14ο Δημοτικό σχολείο Ξάνθης

We could be heroes just for one day. One day in the world of Peace, A sight so rare! Love and harmony, So much within our grasp. The sun rising bright over a calm world. Without sirens and screams Without smoke and ash. Nobody can hurt us. Children play in the streets with no fear. Our voices echo. In our books we read about the diverse, the kind, the just. People of all races, united living together in love, without borders and walls. In ink and paper people reconcile. Kindness like feather just words inscribe. The day ends with a warm, golden glow. Let’s draw a picture of dignity with paint! One day our descendants shall find it In colors of solidarity and compassion.
8410. Eyes wide open - "Evangelismos" Special School

Title: Eyes wide open Description: Group work of the Special School Evangelismos Geri - Nicosia, Cyprus We were born in a world that shuts our eyes so that we feel safe. Within us… music, songs, festivities but all around us pain and rags. Around us... children play, laugh and spread their joy. Behind us… people kill and enslave their hearts. The Youth is opening its eyes and claiming a world of Peace, Love, Acceptance and Equal Opportunities, which without security, trust and transparency cannot be established. The purpose of the audio message is to hear the voice of the students of the Evangelismos Special School, declaring their presence in the challenges of the times. Being mostly emotionally aware of current conditions, they raise their voices and envision change, for a future without violence, without pain, where friendship, brotherhood and unity will encourage them to live with their eyes wide open. Through the group participation in the competition, the writing and the recording procedure within the school program, students highlight their skills and strengthen their confidence in a spirit of cooperation. They learn to process and control the timbre and prosody of their voice, strengthen their lung dynamics, are activated and encouraged by developing their creativity. Participants: Students of Special School Evangelismos - Stefania Tsamourliadou, Ioannis Lazarou, Ismini Nikolaou, Nikolas Nikolaou, Kleopas Liasidis Encouraged by: Anna Hadjielia (Special Teacher), Andri Charalambous (Music Therapist) Music: Constantinos Soren Demetriou Lyrics: I was born in a world that shuts my eyes so that I feel safe. Within me… music, songs, festivities but all around me pain and rags. Around me... children play, laugh and spread their joy. Behind me… people kill and enslave their hearts. Hello! Who might you be? My name is Irini (Peace) Are you always so joyful? If I have compared all humanity I respect them ALL! You came… and my heart flourished. I wore festive clothing. You came… and my soul filled up with eternal dreams. I want to live in a world embracing Irini (Peace) I want to live in a world with my eyes wide open.
8601. All we love Peace - Lympia Primary School

We are children of sixth class of Lympia Primary School who created this spot about Peace. We had the idea to create this humorous spot in order to show to every one the necessity for Peace in our planet. At the begining of spot, the child says that he loves Peace but his father understood that his loves a person with name Irini.His mother realised that their son loves Peace that all we love... this Peace that can lives in our hearts...!!Boy: “ I love peace! I shout is loudly! I love peace!” Father: Aglaia! Our child is in love! Whose girl is it? Mother: Taso are you creasy? What are you saying? My wife come and listen to him! “ I love peace! I shout is loudly! Mother: My dear Taso…!!! Our boy loves PEACE of Love!!! ….(not the person with The name Irini!) …. Father: Whose love? Do we have a person in our village with name Love? Does he love a person from other place? Mother: What are you saying…??? Our child loves peace!!! You should love also this Peace!!! Father: Have you hearded this …??? My wife says that I have to love other woman with the name Irini ( Peace in greek)!!!... Are you creasy all at this house?? Girl: Yes my dear father!! All we have to love this Peace !! Because this Peace unites the world, brings love and when lives in our hearts, every thing is calm, why we leave our disagreements and we Find solutions without fights! Father: Aaaaa!!! Like we says yes to Peace and no wars!! Ofcourse we all must love PEACE!!! ALL: “ I love peace! I shout is loudly! I love peace,this peace that live in our heart!!
8231. LET YOUR YOUTH BE A GUIDE TO PEACE - Primary school don Lovre Katica

A girl from Ukraine came to our 4th grade. She told us about the war in her country. The students wanted to comfort her. That's why they wrote a message of peace together. Each student spoke part of a message that they recorded and then created in the digital tool Canva. They sent a message that youth is a guide to peace: "Look, you might notice that the world is full of sad eyes... Listen, you may hear a silent cry in the darkness... Stop your step, look around and you might notice outstretched hands that need you... And then, you will understand in an instant what you have to do... Smile at the sad ones eyes, wipe the tears from someone's face, accept the outstreched hands that ask for a hug... And then, you will understand in an instant what you have to do... Be there for the other, comfort, hug, kiss, give your heart in the palm of your hand, carry hope wherever you walk, be a brave child... Let your youth be a guide to peace for everyone!"

"Tell me again" Tell me again… how many times to wish that the sun doesn't go out, the faces of all the children again to light up. Tell me why… your words have become poor, why did the sky darken, did the dreams get poor? "We are the new generation", listen up adults the children of the whole world, a heart that does not hesitate. We come out and shout that we want peace and if our voice is strong, it will bring peace!
8161. Eirini einai h ousia - 1ο Πειραματικό Γυμνάσιο Αμαρουσίου

Mhnuma gia thn eirini
8373. 'Peace' 2nd Elementary school of Zakynthos - 2ο ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ ΖΑΚΥΝΘΟΥ

The poem is written by the second grade teacher Harikleia Kapodistria.
8420. Is this the world that you have created for me??? - Lykeio Kokkinochorion Foti Pitta

Participation of Kokkinochoria Lyceum in the competition of 2023 “Youth for Peace”. It was written by students who take part in the recording , who also accompany it with piano and violoncello. Participation of their teachers was just to coordinate it. This world is just for you. You will live ,love, dream, here. This world will give you love and peace generously, will give feathers to fly high. In this world there is no violence and hatred. For you we will all be united a big family. In this world peace will shine everywhere that’s what I have been told… Is this the world you have promised me to live in? It’s full of violence ,war, hatred. Where are all the things you promised? Where is peace and happiness, humans? Why do you violently abduct my dreams and hope. Is this the world you created for me? Is this where I will live? NO!!!!!! Throw away all the guns , switch off wars sirens. Keep hatred away and open your hearts. Love human! Let’s hold hands and embrace the world! This is when serenity exists and like a star in the sky ,peace will glow!!!!!!(twice)
8569. Peace is important because... - Β Αθήνας

Little students tell their opinions about peace.
8266. We are peace - 2ο ΝΗΠΙΑΓΩΓΕΙΟ ΝΕΑΠΟΛΗΣ

Radio spot
8049. Peace and war - ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ ΠΑΖΙΝΟΥ

A comparison of the characteristics of the two situations with a final statement as a conclusion. What means war and what peace, how we perceive the two situations in our daily life and what images we have, which help us give meaning to the two words. Why are they so opposite to each other and how do they affect human life.

The students of ENEEGYL Rodou inspire us to change ourselves in order to change the society and the whole world. Global peace starts from ourselves and now its the time to bring peace in our lives. Their message is the following: "Don't insult me" "Don't hit me" "Don't underestimate me" "Don't exclude me" "Don't kill my soul" "Respect my place in this world" "It's high time we let peace come into our lives" "First we change our inner self in order to change people around us, in order to change the world" "Life is so wonderful when lived in peace" "Now it's the time for peace!"
8245. a few words about peace - ΓΕΝΙΚΟ ΛΥΚΕΙΟ ΚΟΡΩΝΕΙΑΣ

when peace is lost life is lost what is peace to me what is peace to you peace is.... The morning wake up , a bike ride, an outing with friends, The Sunday; s lunch with my family to come home , to express my opinion, to assert my rights To be right peace is ... a warm armful , the right to be healthy, a world full of love, when peace is lost life is lost
8632. Hope for peace - 8ο Γυμνασιο Πειραια

The contrast between the cruelty of war, uncertainty, death, violence and the joy of life, optimism, hope.
8412. "Young generation can do it" - AGIOS GEORGIOS LYCEUM

A group of teenagers are troubled and concerned by all the tragic things happening these days but do not stop believing in the power of young people and the duty they have to pull down anything that is old and rotten, as well as to fight to establish a fair world in which "like a flower, Peace will blossom." Because the young generation can do it! The video will be available shortly at the following link : Audio message - "Young generation can do it" And when we thought we had reached the sky Out of arrogance and voraciousness we are at risk of finding ourselves in void And while we have been born for greatness We have allowed evil to rule the world Violence, animosity and hypocrisy Disposition for power as well as dominance Mastery over our peers For these and so many more, we are heading for destruction But we are young! We have our strength and fighting spirit as our tireless guide Be a travel companion on this adverse and long journey Do not lose your faith, brother! Already, in the depth of the horizon, the light is becoming visible The vision of a new world, a just and peaceful one, Can be achieved through persistence and struggle!
8279. A chance for Peace! - ΝΗΠΙΑΓΩΓΕΙΟ ΛΕΠΤΗΣ

Participation of the Leptis Kindergarten in the "make it heard" competition with the theme "The new generation for Peace - Youth for Peace".
8300. PEACE - Πρότυπο Γενικό Λύκειο Ηρακλείου

Model General Lyceum of Heraklion (Grade B), Radio and Music Student Contest 2023 Poems and texts: Marietta Giannoulaki, Konstantina Kypriotaki, Terpsi Manousaki Reading: Eleni Darivianaki, Antonia Pateraki Editing, sound editing: Maria Zervaki Poster: Raphael Vlamis, Lena Fasoula Soundtrack: Hozier "Take me to church", Cynthia Erivo "Stand up", Marshmello "Silence" Teacher: Irini Kassotaki texts into English (translated by Marietta Giannoulaki, Terpsi Manousaki, Konstantina Kypriotaki): Honor, glory, passion human pursuits disguised as virtues Nobody serves them but everyone slavishly judges them peace, love and affection somewhere in peoples’ minds they try to hold back their inhumanity so as not to shock us The soldier made his way home. The war was over now. He looked at the rising sun, at the pale blue sky. He glanced at his hands. His hands that had on them the blood of innocents, of people that he killed without looking in the eyes. Because he knew that if he looked them in the eyes he’d recognise the same despair, the same void within their souls. He’d remember that they, as well, were men deprived of their voice, who, in favor of other’s ambitions abandoned their own dreams and hopes. He’d look at the sun rising every morning and he’d remember that it’s the same sun rising above everyone’s head. And he wouldn’t be able to pull the trigger. All of a sudden, the soldier felt shame (to be) returning to his hometown to the sound of trumpets and cheers. White sky anyone’s dream The reason for a new beginning and everyone like a team we will scream freedom Without freedom I lose every moment a hope Without freedom I live without sun in a corner But I made my sun, and my own road with blood, sweat and tears

Peace is happiness. Peace is children playing. Peace is school. Peace is birds flying free. Peace is when we have food. Peace is love. Peace is family. Peace is friendship. Peace is teamwork. No war. Say yes to love, hapinness and kindness. Listen to the children! Video:
8655. A conversation among peers - ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ ΑΓΙΟΥ ΠΕΤΡΟΥ-ΚΙΛΚΙΣ

Good morning my friend! Good morning… (sad) You don't look good to me. Are you sick? No, I'm disappointed. All day long, wherever we go, wherever we stand, we hear about violence, wars, racism and many other bad things. I can’t stand it anymore! Oh, our friends are coming. Let them tell us their opinion too! Hi, guys. We heard your conversation. You are right. All this is true. But if we get frustrated and put it down, things will get even worse. So, what are we going to do? Will we change the world? Can we? No, we can't change the world, but we can start with our family, school, friends, neighborhood and so little by little good behavior without violence and without racism will be transmitted and liked by everyone. You're right. This will be the beginning and slowly the change will come. Now I am happy and optimistic! Thank you, guys! Well, let's get back to our game without violence, racism and riots. Can I finally tell you something, guys? Peace wins! Do you agree? YES!
8346. Youth for peace - 2ο Γυμνάσιο Ζακύνθου

World peace must be our future.
8216. Every step, one year - School for art, design, graphic and clothes Zabok

Each step one year Each step one year, I repeated to myself, Each… step… one… year… Each step one year, Today I limp, I fell once, I couldn't ask for help, my mouth wouldn't utter a word. I can't recognise people any more I can only see their eyes, but it's better that way because their mouth are probably not smiling. Now I can see at least something of them. Before I was trapped in a cage, like an animal, I couldn't see the eyes of others I could only see my tired, sad eyes in the reflection of a mirror. I got up by myself and said, Let's go on. Each step one year, today I can't stand on my feet, I fell, but today harder, Once again the plea,''Please help!" didn't come out of my mouth. I heard some noise, Tup, tup, pum pum, tup, tup, pum, pum, What's that? I wondered Is that a couragues heart or its last beats and the fate that is awaiting? I got up by myself and said, Let's go on. Each step one year, today everything is fine, but fear holds on for tomorrow

As part of the program, the students participating in it read poems on the subject of peace and recorded their ideas about what peace ultimately means over the centuries and how they imagine times of war. Then a choice was made as to which words and ideas to use. Eventually as a group they wrote lyrics using words and ideas from all the writings . So they came up with the final form of the poem entitled "Peace"
8296. Don't let wars interrupt our childhood! - ELEMENTARY SCHOOL KLINCA SELA

TRANSCRIPT: (a song in Croatian) We are happy children, we would like to play, but we don't know what… The youngest soldier to fight in WW1 was only eight years old. More than 3000 babies were born in the Auschwitz concentration camp during WW2. 402 children were killed during the Croatian War of Independence. (on Croatian and English) Don't let wars interrupt our childhood! DOSTA ENOUGH GENUGED BASTA SUFICIENTE APKETA DOSTATNO Our message of peace is the result of additional lessons in history. Students of the 5th (11 years old) and 8th (14 years old) grades participated in the creation of the project. Since there was a war in our country less than 20 years ago, we are one of the European nations that is most painfully aware the value of peace. The students were extremely enthusiastic about the idea and very creative and engaged in the implementation. The main language of the message is English, which is the most well-known internationally, but we also use our native Croatian language, as well as short fragments of German, Italian, Spanish, Greek and Ukrainian. We chose Greek as a tribute to the host, and Ukrainian in the context of the current war.
8647. Peace is many things - ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ ΨΙΝΘΟΥ ΡΟΔΟΥ

The 2nd grade students of Primary School of Psinthos, Rhodes imagine peace as if it was many things that happen in their lives. I feel peace like a good day when the animals have food to eat and there are no clouds in the sky. Peace is like the sun that warms our hearts. I feel it like when it's night and mom and dad put me to sleep. Peace is like all good things as is friendship, as is family, as is my grandmother. Peace is like a dive in the sea. Peace looks like a day with fireworks. Peace is like the kindness of my mom and dad. If peace was a taste, it would be watermelon but without the seeds and yellow. Peace is like a fresh bread because it feed us.
8289. A recipe for peace - Pre-School and Primary School El Peral

I am going to give you the recipe for PEACE To have Peace, we must forgive. I forgive you To have Peace, we must forget. I forget all the bad things To have Peace, we can sing. Shall I sing you a song? To have Peace, we must help others. "Do you need my help? To have Peace, we must care. I care for my friends To have peace, we can hug. Can I hug you? To have Peace, we can dance. Shall we dance together? To have Peace, we can play. "Would you like to play with me?" To have Peace, we must work. "Let´s work together! To have Peace, we must love. "I love my family. To have Peace, we must dream. All: And we all dream of a world full of PEACE
8441. Working for the world peace - 3ο Γυμνάσιο Κέρκυρας

Participation of the 3. High school of Corfu in the radio spot “Make It Heard 2023” with the slogan “Youth for Peace”. We have been taught to count our lives in wars But the most important moments in history were achieved through Peace Do you believe in World Peace? (Children's voices are heard answering in their mother tongue ,,No it is impossible“. Languages: Greek, English, French, German, Albanian, Italian, Dutch and Russian) It seems impossible But there is a way To learn to get along and accept each other's differences To speak against injustice To defend what is right To help our communities And the smallest act counts Let's all make a difference together We can do it Maybe that's how we can get a better world for everyone (Children ask for Peace in their mother tongue. Languages: Greek, English, French, German, Albanian, Italian, Dutch and Russian) Group coordinator: Eleni Makri, German teacher
8174. A message of peace from the center of Istria! - Elementary school Vladimira Nazora Pazin

We are students from the small district school in Motovun. Our home school is the elementary school of Vladimir Nazor in Pazin, Istria, Croatia. Our homeland and our country know very well what it is like when there is war and how important peace is. There are seven of us in the class. We are a quiet class and we get along very well. We want to share this recipe for peace with everyone. We recorded the messages in the native language. Be healthy, happy and at peace! Greetings from the 3rd grade and their teacher!
8480. Μόνο στο σκάκι ο πόλεμος είναι παιχνίδι - 7ο ΓΥΜΝΑΣΙΟ ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑΣ

Come, come, sit down! Come on mom, do you want orangejuices and do you want orangejuices! Go away! Where is Phaedon? (door closing sound) Hi children, war is fought outside in the rain. (bomb and tape) Welcome! Sit. It just started. Well, we talk war and war but we have no idea what war is They didn't have exactly have a war, it was a civil war. My Anastasaki, only in chess war is a game. If you don't have peace inside, everything seems like war to you. What counts more? The numerical losses of people or the loss of our peace of mind inside the house? Consider that people born and raised in war never lived free. you know.. They don't know what it's like to live without danger lurking. Basically, they never lived a normal life. Yes, but what is normal life? You can hope.. Wake up calm.. And sleep.. The skate ride The sound of the sea The movie Saturday night with friends and not to miss anyone. In peace children bury their parents. In war, parents bury their children. Irene, call your mom to sit with us and finally bring us those orangejuices..
8304. Antiwar - ΓΕ.Λ. ΚΑΤΩ ΜΗΛΙΑΣ

We want Peace! Children laughing in the streets. Banish war away, let all hearts rejoice. Let's all do our part to bring peace to the whole world. We want friendship between all peoples. Solidarity and love among our fellow human beings. We ask for a peaceful and positively charged world. To have mental and environmental well-being. We need the spiritual tranquility of every person. We want children to go to school without fear and play carefree in the streets. We need to spend nice family moments and get a positive vibe. To give and receive smiles, prosperity and safety. Help us to establish good relations between the peoples, peace, unity and progress
8434. Let's all become friends - A' primary school Lakatamia (K.A)

A group of kids are trying to record the voice recording that they will send to the European School Radio, which is about peace. After they have recorded it, they see that it has gone perfectly. The subject of peace was discussed with the students of 3C during the lesson of Health and Life Education and we all agreed upon the aforementioned recording, after having discussed the positive impacts of peace on societies all over the world.
8612. The train of peace - 45ο Δημοτικό σχολείο Πατρών

Children on board - The train of peace ""Mom, why is the sky full of clouds? Oh, listen... it's coming. What's coming? The train. Watch out please. Next stop: War! Wow! Look out the window. Burnt trees, deserted streets. School torn down. The airport is abandoned. Look... children have been injured. How will it be without war! Attention please. Next stop: Peace! It's the peace train. Let's get on? Why should we get on? Why? To follow the leaves of peace. Mom the star has become brighter. The station of happiness, the station of joy. Come and board on a simple train of great value. Mom, the sky is full of stars! After all, was it real or a dream?"
8389. Listen to my little advice - DIMOSIO NIPIAGOGIO PSIMOLOFOU

My Man, where are you going, how do you rule this planet, you continue to love war, you spread fear around? Listen to me Man, listen to my little advice. Stop the war and destruction. Work with love for Peace on Earth. Lay down your arms, stop this evil. My Man, how much you suffer from disaster of war. We the children will make the difference! Throw away your weapons and bullets. Peace, Love, Friendship, Happiness, Cooperation, Affection, That's what we the children want. Peace, Mirou Mir, Paix , Salam, Baris, Batse. NO TO WAR!
8645. Let’s turn the nightmare into a fairy tale - TESEK MAKARIOS G, NICOSIA

The laughter of children, playing carefree like free birds, is peace. Peace is the happy ending to every child's story that parents read to their children when they are in their warm bed. There is a child who has neither a bed nor a home, because they bombed it. This child does not go to school, he is holding a gun and he is shaking. He doesn't know what happened to his family. At night, he sleeps in shelters and does not listen to fairy tales. The child with the gun and clenched fists in fear, tears for the sunlight who may never see again. Children in war zones mature quickly. They lose their childishness. Their concern is not the game but survival. Why should young children experience the horrors of war? Why should they be deprived of the most beautiful age in exchange for a gun? Why should they be destined to certain death? Why should dreams be destroyed? Let's join our voices against war to banish nightmares from childhood dreams. So that all children have a warm bed and parents lull them with fairy tales.
8198. peace is a celebration - ΝΗΠΙΑΓΩΓΕΙΟ ΝΕΑΣ ΗΡΑΚΛΕΙΑΣ

Children liken PEACE to a celebration! which will have light, bright sun, sweet songs, games, laughter, Democracy, love and lots of joy! So they urge the elders to stop the wars that bring nothing good and bring PEACE to everyone!!!
8255. Appeal for peace - Γυμνάσιο Αγλαντζιάς

War. A word as old as fire. An armed and violent conflict between two rivals. This is how the dictionary defines war. But I could define it with just one word: Terrorism. No war brings any good. It’s all terrible and pointless. Houses are destroyed, innocent people die. Families are fleeing their homes to save themselves. Children learn to flee before they learn to talk. People learned to make tools, to progress in every aspect, to develop technology and improve their learning and cognitive skills. But the one thing they failed to do…is to learn from their mistakes. Peace is the most important thing in the world. Our descendants did everything to preserve it. And we destroy it with the push of a button. Peace is not just something the world want. It is something the world need.
7930. RUNNING OUT OF TIME FOR CLIMATE at 14 Primary School of Acharnes - 14ο Δημοτικό Σχολείο Αχαρνών

14th Primary Scool of Acharnes talks about climate protection. RUNNING OUT OF TIME FOR CLIMATE - Together, we did it! 30 Sep - 8 Nov, 2022 What an extraordinary journey to COP27 it has been! We said we would do this and on November 8th, as we crossed the finish line, we proved it was possible. We have passed this baton mile after mile, day and night, for 40 days. Thanks to the incredible collective effort of thousands of people, across 18 countries, we have covered the 7,767km from Glasgow to Sharm El-Sheikh.
8331. Children ask for peace - 6ο ΝΗΠΙΑΓΩΓΕΙΟ ΚΑΡΔΙΤΣΑΣ

TITLE <> We say "YES" to peace we say " YES" to friendship we say "YES" to love we say "NO" to war we say"NO" to violence we say"NO" to poverty and hunger People, put the guns down because children ask for pease
8018. We wish you peace - 6ο ΝΗΠΙΑΓΩΓΕΙΟ ΗΡΑΚΛΕΙΟΥ ΚΡΗΤΗΣ

We think, although small, what is the use of war? Refugees also give birth to hunger, sorrow, diseases, and sighs. Always always and everywhere the same for all peoples. That's why we shout peace, love, solidarity!!!
8195. Children talk about Peace - 6ο Δημοτικό Σχολείο Πύργου

The students of the 4th grade of the 6th Primary School of Pyrgos read poems about Peace, written by famous Greek poets, got inspired and then worked in teams and wrote their own poems under the guidance of their teachers. Τhe song in the spot, called "Peace", was performed by Vassilis Papakonstantinou. The music was composed by Mikis Theodorakis and the lyrics were written by Vassilis Rotas.
8283. spot peace1 - 3ο ΓΕΝΙΚΟ ΛΥΚΕΙΟ ΝΕΑΣ ΙΩΝΙΑΣ

An advertising spot about peace Peace is the most important and most precious good in our days. Peace is considered a wish and war a fact. We owe our freedom to her. But as life progressed, man sought more and more power believing that the only way was to take it from others who possessed it. With this justification, weapons were created to take lives quickly. War can only cause suffering, it leads nowhere. While Peace is the path to the well-being of the individual and the whole. She can lead us to the life we all dream of. Conversely, people who have guns will never achieve prosperity. In the pursuit of Peace, rights, liberties and reconciliations between peoples were violated. On the contrary, the start of the war could also act as chaos. Peace is not only the absence of war, it is a virtue, a state of mind, which gives the appropriate stimuli to the individual while maintaining virtues such as morality. In times of war, the virtues that flourish while Peace is maintained, perish. Humankind is ridiculed and humiliated in war
8700. Youth for peace (Make it Heard 2023) - Elementary School Draganići

HELENA : It is a real wonder how beautiful our home planet is. It has so many varieties you can feel, see and experience. FRAN: There are a lot of countries and cultures that have their own unique beauties and long, rich histories. But one really important thing is missing - PEACE! MARTA: Peace is a feeling and a state that every living creature should experience and enjoy. Nowadays we are going through wars, terrorist attacks, health epidemics and economic crisis. VIKTOR: It all has a huge influence on the way we live our lives now and on the way we plan our future. GRGUR: Also clouding our peaceful future is the fact that some people are not heard, they don’t have a voice. LORENA: The poor countries of the world are forced to stay in the shadow of the rich. Their peoples‘ basic human rights are being neglected. Their right to speak up and give their honest opinion is just a dream. HELENA : Even in rich countries there are a lot of underprivileged people who try to fight for their voice, but are often silenced by powerful groups and institutions. MAKS: Humanity lost its compass. It is focused on making money and increasing power. MIA MARIJA: If we want to live in peace and understanding, instead of arguing and fighting each other, we should try to understand people we share our home planet with. STELLA: We should learn to respect the opinions of others and be open to new ideas. So, everybody.... ALL: Let’s wake up and together make small changes for a big difference!
8512. Silent sounds of soul - ΑΡΣΑΚΕΙΟ ΛΥΚΕΙΟ ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗΣ

Arsakeio Senior High School of Thessaloniki' s participation in KANTO NAKOUSTEI 2023 radio spot contest. TEXT OF THE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL RADIO SPOT -What is peace? Let us think about a person who does not have inner peace. -So many feelings, sadness, grief, melancholy, worry, isolation, loneliness, alienation, chill, inner searching -Have we managed to listen to the sounds of silence? -What do you mean? -Have we learned to listen to ourselves and other people? Have you ever heard the lyrics of THE SOUND OF SILENCE? -Oh! My favourite song! -I really think that the song writers were thinking of the concept of quiet, of silence and of darkness to express isolation and despair through a whole lot of metaphors. -They say that darkness is an old friend. -It is a dialogue with the dark -I think it is about people who are looking for the light, they need to be heard, they are searching for it all the time -But they discover that people do not listen, and do not really express their feelings -Really, they are not interested in communicating with other people. -So that leads to real conflict and conflict of the mind…… -So often we have to come to terms with the dark side of ourselves and we have to face up to it! -We have to try in different ways to express our opinion, to bring our inner self out in the open, to make people think about our message, to motivate people and to change the world.
8285. Peace - Primary school "August Cesarec"

Peace We all need peace and it's hard to find it, We can gift it to sisters and brothers. We all need love, but also peace Because without love, there is no peace. Put a smile on your face and happily share it Because you have to step into the world bravely. Find it in yourself and show what you can do, Because peace is the key that brings a solution for many.
8224. Breaking News on Peace - 37ο ΝΗΠΙΑΓΩΓΕΙΟ ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗΣ

37th Kindergarten,Thessaloniki .
8321. Change yourself (environment) - primary school Vojnic

This message that this student did points out to people the problem of environmental destruction and what are the consequences as well as more possible consequences. Not so long ago we had a much nicer world around us and we are already struggling to preserve it. That is why everyone needs to start from themselves and change in order to change the world and consciousness.


The children find Eirini in the middle of war and try to resque her.
8592. Jesus Christ, the Sole peace maker of the world - ΓΕΝΙΚΟ ΛΥΚΕΙΟ ΠΕΛΑΣΓΙΑΣ

Participation of GEL PELASGIAS in the radio contest "Kanto nakoustei 2023" Jesus Christ, the Sole peace maker of the world. Christ brought peace to the world because He Himself is peace. The source of peace is Christ. The peace of Christ is the peace of soul of each human being who believes in Him. His peace is peace with God, peace with our fellows, peace that is not affected by the conventions and hypocrisy of secular peace. The peace of Christ is an all-embracing peace of personal connection and love. When people care to live in the peace of Christ, then the grace of peace, which stems from the Holy Spirit, will reside in the human societies and will free them from inner and external fears and threats. Let us implore our Lord Jesus Christ to diffuse His peace unceasingly into our hearts. Jesus Christ is the Sole peace maker of the world.
8171. The squirrel´s news - Castellar Mountains School

Newsflash: All countries in the world have signed Universal Peace.

If you were peace, what would you be? If I were peace, I would be the right to life. I would be the fire in the fireplace on winter evenings. I would be a garden of colorful flowers. I would be a cloud full of water over the dry land. If I were peace, I would be the friend with the open arms. I would be laughter and song, I would be happy voices in schoolyards. If I were peace, I would be the hope of life. If you were war, what would you be? If I were war, I would be the fear in the souls of people. I would be the burnt and demolished houses. I would be a wounded pigeon. If I were war, I would be black-clad women and orphaned children, I would be quarrels, shouts and fights. I would be black clouds in the sky. If I were war, I would be sorrow chasing after joy. If I were war, I would be the wounds of the Earth, I would be the tear of the planet. No no Peace I will be, Peace I ask for Peace I will be...
8557. Where is peace? - ΓΥΜΝΑΣΙΟ ΠΕΤΑΛΙΔΙΟΥ

PEACE - Who cares if we live in the 21st century ? -Who cares for the technological and intellectual progress we have made ? - Who cares how radical our ideas are? - Who cares for our many rebellions movements ? -The truth is we have not been able to remove the scars that have been etched on the face of the world. And none of us has managed to close the pits dug by the shells of the war. -Who cares if they are winners or losers ? They have dug their own graves and the further they go, the greater the depth. And all this, for vanity, for a conquest or for display of power. And yet, they don't realize that war is hell. every shot is a mother's wail. and every bombing is a graveyard. But the question is : where is peace? Why is it sidelined? Why has it been convicted? -let's end our day with a message of hope ,life ,love and peace in people's hearts. -End armed conflicts and bring unity for a better future for our generations.
8270. A child's dream... a man's dream - 45ο Δημοτικό σχολείο Πατρών

The peace of children and poets. The students of the 6th grade of the 45th Primary School of Patras are talking to Yiannis Ritsos about Peace. ""Peace is a carefree night's sleep under warm blankets. Sunday morning snuggles are peace. Children's footprints in the snow on the way to school. Snowmen and snowball fights. And the sun's rays to caressing people's faces, it's peace. Peace is having your cat Dory perched on your lap. And riding on the beach in front of the sunset. Your paint-smeared fingers are peace. On the piano, with the notes of a Chopin, bringing the flowers in the yard to life. Peace is lunch with family and friends. Steamy cookies and songs of joy. Peace is surfing the bright side of the internet. Roller skating down the podium. To hit the ball with the racket and a cloud rises the excitement is peace. Peace is the bright star at the top of the tree. The "melomakarona" waiting for Santa. The sweet sound by the voices of children singing carols. Your new shoes are peace. Peace is all your mistakes that turn into a small path, for a creative tomorrow."
8293. AV club Klinca Sela - Klinča Sela

Short message written and preformed by AV club Klinca Sela (3rd graders). The message was made after a discussion about children's rights for Children's Day 14th November 2022. Transcript: No more maltreatment. Stop provoking war! We all need food! Fight for human rights and children's rights! Don't beat your children! Every child needs good parents! Respect children's rights. Children mustn't be endangered! Children have the right on everything that is good! How would you feel in our place? Happy children's day!
8200. Once upon a time... weather in a different view - 1ο ΓΕΝΙΚΟ ΛΥΚΕΙΟ ΠΥΡΓΟΥ

A different weather broadcast which predicts the prevalence of Peace in all over the world. Patricipation of 1st Senior High School of Pyrgos in the song contest "Make it heard 2023".
8375. Peace in Avakas - 3ο ΕΣΠΕΡΙΝΟ ΕΠΑΛ ΛΑΡΙΣΑΣ

The spot entitled "Peace in Avakas" wants to show us that when all the important things in life such as values, ideas, friends, family and above all human life are measured and counted with numbers, then humanity is lost and with it and Peace. The spot was created by students of the B2 section of the Informatics sector of the 3rd Vespers EPAL Larisa. The text was written by the student Panagiotis Kouris, while the video was created by Michalis Murtasagas. Panagiotis Kouris, Michalis Mourtasagas and Georgia Panagou were the directors. Are heard in order Sevasti Varvarousi, Panagiotis Kouris, Alexia Moustaka, Michalis Mourtasagas and Kostas Limnidis. The role of teacher Anthis Goundoura was purely encouraging and coordinating. You can see the video of the spot at Peace in Avakas Audio: News TV. Voice 1: (with indignation and agony) Popo, evil destruction is done with wars. What will happen? Voice 2nd: (confidently) 5,101,008,508 required! Voice 3rd: (with frustration and distress) And these drugs reap. Voice 2nd: (confidently) 5,101,008,508 needed! Voice 4th: (with disappointment and sadness) And this world full of separations and crimes. What does he finally need? Voice 2: (confidently) I told you, 5,101,008,508 is needed! Voice 5th: (angry) You blew me away with that What the hell are you talking about? What is this number? Sound: (Close theme) Voice 2: (confidently) I'm telling you what you need is Peace! The number is the correspondence of each letter with a number according to the Greek numbering system. And I did this to show you that when numbers take the place of the important then the essence is lost and with it humanity. There were also numbers of those imprisoned in the concentration camps, numbers of those who died in the war, we have become numbers too. And as long as this continues, this world will not find peace. You see there was never a good war or a bad peace. Peace then. Peace to the peoples, peace to the homelands. Peace in hearts, peace in dreams. Because there is no peace without hope. And life without hope.
8316. It is true that would be great - CEIP PADRE MANJÓN

With this spot, Infants children would like to change the meaning of certain words due to in their ouwn language that meaning is different.
8309. Peace - Δημοτικό Σχολείο Κάτω Σχολαρίου

Her voice was universal She spoke to the hearts with songs coming from the blue almost calm sea. She reached coastal trenches with the melody of the waves. Catalysts of the war, she stopped the projectiles in the barrels of tired opponents. Rag-pickers flowed with her scent. She elegantly dressed the passers-by in the miserable big cities. Still tolerated the nighthawk wiles of disaster. Divine gift of heavenly mercy. I asked for her name near the olive grove. He replied that he wanted my boys to call her PEACE.
8129. Change your mind ...Save the world - 100ο ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗΣ

Change your mind ...Save the world
8583. Wise Words for Peace - 17ο ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ ΛΑΜΙΑΣ

1. "Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace" - the Angels glorify, Christmas as they arrive. 2. "Peace, she is the loving mother of the earth" - wrote Hesiod, an ancient Greek poet. 3. "An unjust peace is better than the most fair war," said Cicero, an ancient Roman orator. 4. "Peaceful love", Thales philosophized, straight from ancient Greece. 5. “There is no way to peace, PEACE is the way” by Mahatma Gandhi – Indian statesman and revolutionary. 6. "Peace begins with a smile" - said Mother Teresa of the Poor, bringing hope to everyone. 7. "There is no peace without hope," Freud concluded, and the soul of man thus became.. 8. "Peace, like charity, ibegins at home" Roosevelt Franklin said, the presidency of America when he had. 9. "Peace if possible, but justice by all means" the righteous Aristides shouted throughout the land. 10. “Give PEACE a chance,” John Lennon sang, our Earth to save… persistent… With important words, listen to us and let it become a reality now... The new generation for peace!!! Description of the action: Our message, this year, has been created with the collaboration of many teachers. The students were taught, in the course of the lesson of the modern Greek language, the poem "Peace" by Yiannis Ritsos, with their teachers Mrs. Koula Kantarellou and Mrs. Fotini Karageorgopoulou. In the music class, with Mrs. Marianna Rontogianni, they sang as a choir the universal and much-sung song "Imagine" by John Lenon and with the help of Mrs. Evi Abdelidou in English class they were able to translate and understand the meaning of the lyrics. In the computer lab, they searched for wise words, spoken by great people on the topic of peace, with the help of Mrs. Paraskevi Tassi and composed the final radio message. Lastly, Mr. Vassilis Kontogeorgos, art teacher at our school, created the accompanying poster. A collaborative action that was finally completed in the best way possible, with the recording of the message and the choir, in the recording studio of the Metropolis of Fthiotida, with the help of the person in charge at the studio, Father Dimitrios Atmatzidis. The following is the text of the radio message...
8348. PEACE - Πρότυπο Γενικό Λύκειο Ηρακλείου

Model General Lyceum of Heraklion (Grade C), Radio and Music Student Contest 2023 Texts and poems: Vicky Balla, Kalliopi Rigaki, Stella Spyridaki, Christina Tsiaousi, Manos Mastronikolas Technical media/sound/editing: Manos Mastronikolas, Thodoris Panagopoulos Poster: Vassilis Trapalis, Danae Adamaki Art directors: Danai Adamaki, Vicky Balla, Maria Padouva, Fani Preka Reading: Kalliopi Rigaki, Vicky Bala, Ani Leontaraki, Irini Stratigi, Yro Vardava, Eleana Marinaki, Stella Spyridaki, Maria Mastrogiannaki, Emmanuel Vasilikogiannakis, Christina Tsiaousi, Vassilis Trapalis, Danae Adamaki Soundtrack: A Plague Tale - Innocence, Music by Olivier Deriviere Teacher : Irini Kassotaki Text in English (translated by Emmanouil Vasilikogiannakis, Fani Preka): -Someone, somewhere, at some point, had told me that you live as long as you feel truly alive. Well, I no longer feel. Otherwise, how could I wander through a world with people who have lost their faith, their dreams and their hope. (HELP) [plays in the background] -People haven’t learned to feel joy. As if it was a perversion to laugh, improper to seek what is proper and ugly to love. (I AM SUFFERING) [plays in the backgroud] -How many scars will this wound leave in our souls? When will we unite our gazes and strive for the same happiness? -As I see you on your knees breaking down in pieces, I think, of how you are likely paying for the darkness of the city at winter for people who admire the world although they’ve been blinded. -How death scares me! Ask yourself and come find me, following the fragrance of the nihilism I exhale, (oh) but the ugliness of the world is the reason we will never live for eternity. -A dove was saluted by the shadow of war whilst enslaving a sigh of freedom (White like me, black like you, yellow like a sick child and bright pink like the cheeks of a disgraced person) -Mirror of freedom, castle of peace -Two hands snatching each other tightly like a knot -You and me … or maybe me and you -Inside you a fire burns, devouring your brother; while he screams in agony, your soul is filling the void. -Imagine, however, this fire not burning your brother but making warm those living an eternal winter. Just, imagine …
8287. Suddenly the peace was lost - 10ο ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟ ΚΑΛΛΙΘΕΑ

UNICEF: Over 86.7 million children under the age of 7 have spent their entire lives in war zones. All they have known is war. PEACE is everyone's right!
8222. Peace keeps us together - 15ο ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ ΣΕΡΡΩΝ

The students of the third grade of the 15th Primary School of Serres, under the guidance of their teacher, Striga Chrysa and Syrpa Panagiota , wrote the message and our school's, Ms. Ambatzi Letta, wrote the music. Peace keeps us together Once upon a very difficult time, hatred reigned over people. The grown-ups loved war, fire and violence. But children were unhappy as their dreams were colorless and with no hope. How could it be that grown-ups didn't realize the harm they caused upon their kids lives? Thus, one day children decided to join the love in their hearts and make the world a brighter place. With no weapons and no war. But then, what would happen to the weapons? The children put hatred aside, they left the canons get rusty, they put the weapons on display in the museums; they turned the tanks into flowerpots and rockets into hangers. Do you want to know what the new world looks like? With love as their compass they set off to build a new, fully blossomed world where people of all races and all ages will be happy and Peace will be dancing among them. White pigeons will fly into the blue sky and everyone will have dreams as colorful as the rainbow. There will be no borders; color and religion will make no difference and there will be no more fire, hatred, disaster and violence. The sun of love will be shining in the sky and songs will be heard all around the world. People will love each other because they will have realized that love keeps them together.

WHERE DID THE PEACE GO? -Irene! Irene ! Where did you go Irene? I wonder where Irene went? - A lot is happening around us guys! -One time we were playing with a friend of mine and he suddenly broke my build. I wonder too... Where did Irene go children? -One day I met two children who were fighting terribly. Why don't they play peacefully? -Once I also saw a big gentleman hitting a little kid and I didn't like that at all! Why don't you treat him peacefully? -And when I heard about a man who stepped on a kitten I was very upset. Where did the love and peace for the animals go? -Many times when I see adults arguing, I get scared and wonder...why don't adults live peacefully? - And when the heads of state make war and the people are killed, where did Peace go from our land, children? - How many children have not come to our country? Refugees said their names. Why do people become cold-hearted? - We want peace guys! - Do you see me as your enemy? I don't want your harm! - I have peace in my heart, my embrace is in you! - I move forward with love, without violence and harm! A WORLD WITH PEACE ALL PROBLEMS ARE SOLVED! The "Happy Kids" of the 9th Polichni Kindergarten participate in the "Make it be heard" Contest on the theme "Youth for Peace" with the Radio Message "Where did the Peace go?" Preschool teachers Anastasia Papoutsi, Domna Erkekoglou, Eleni Panidou and students of TEPAE Georgia Kyriakidou and Marianna Tsatinian.

Three children started one day to go to all the continents, because there was no peace in their country.. Then the other friends come. To begin with, they went to Asia, stayed for three days and realized that there were all violent They left Asia and went to America In America there were wars, and everyone was kicking them out Later, they went to Africa and there they were fighting for their water They decided to go to Oceania to live a better life, but… There was no peace there either We keep hearing about violence, war, racism and much more We will try not to be like that, we will change it We will try and let's not succeed! SONG (yuppie yay a yuppie yuppie ya Let's enjoy the peace, guys!)
8526. HEAR OUR VOICE - 9th Primary School Pafos

You, the pro-war, what do you have to say to us children? Yes, we're talking to you, don't ignore us! Hear our voice! So, you like war. You feel strong. That's why you do everything! You feel like you can only win... Foreign properties, foreign homes, foreign homelands... You feel strong. That's why you do everything! Come! Come with us... Come see the joy when a child is born... And the pain when he dies... Are you still warmongering? Make a day of peace and dance with us. Come! Come with us... Let's play and laugh! Let's sing and have fun... Let's paint and cry with love! Not out of fear! Make peace and let go of selfishness. Melt down weapons and craft tools. Build houses and schools! Give food and medicine to those who are suffering! Turn off the war sirens! Come! Come with us... Plant trees and give smiles! Make peace and feel human! Make the world more beautiful, fairer! Yes, we're talking to you, don't ignore us! Come! Come with us... Come! Come with us... Hear our voice! Think like a child!
8610. Peace is the only way, our way - LIVADIA B PRIMARY SCHOOL

We are fourth grade students at “ Livadia K.B” Primary School. We are children that love to play, children that have dreams and want to live peacefully with our friends and family in our homeland. All these things that are taken for granted for some people, are things that many children on our planet, including us, do not have. Our own reality with our country being divided in two, along with photographs and videos of children living under war conditions created the need for us to record this radio message. With this message we take a stand against the unfairness of the war and the lack of peace in many places around the world. In our scenario, three kids are searching for the road to peace. Sara is searching for peace by travelling squeezed on a boat, Alexander is searching for it by walking for hours and Daria is dreaming of peace trapped in an underground shelter. Unfortunately millions of children are in Sara’s, Alexander’s and Daria’s position. But they shouldn’t. Not a single child should be looking for peace, they should be living in it. Because peace is the only way of living for every child on earth. And we want this message to be heard everywhere: “Peace is the only way, our way” Narrator: Sara is travelling squeezed on a boat. Sara: I am cold and scared. Narrator: Sara is five years old. Today is her birthday but she is not wearing her nice dress. She is wearing a life vest. Sara: I have to swim, I have to find the road. Narrator: Which road? Sara: The road to peace. Narrator: Alexander is walking for hours with a backpack on his shoulders. He is nine years old and loves football but the ball he is holding does not fit in his backpack. Alexander: I am holding my ball tightly in my arms but I can’t play. I have to walk, I have to find the road. Narrator: Which road? Alexander: The road to peace. Narrator: Daria is at an underground shelter. Daria: There is darkness everywhere around me and loud noises that are piercing my ears. I want to run far away to find the road. Narrator: Which road? Daria: The road to peace. Narrator: And the voices of Daria, Alexander and Sara are joined together. And there are so many other voices like theirs that are coming together, becoming one loud voice to be heard everywhere. Children: The road to peace. Narrator: But there is no road to peace, because peace is the road and the only way of living for every child on the world. Children: Peace is our way. So let us live in peace.
8496. "Palestinian child from Gaza, seeking asylum and Peace in Cyprus" - Gymnasio Palouriotisas

The poem reflects my feelings and why i came to Cyprus. The poem also reflects my passion to be an asset in Cyprus and be part and parcel of the country
8330. Youth for Peace 2023 - 3ο Γυμνάσιο Χαριλάου

3rd Junior High School of Charilaou, Spot for Peace 2023
8259. The poem about peace through the eyes of our students - ΕΕΕΕΚ Ναυπάκτου

Nafpaktos Special Vocational Training Laboratory The people call her out loud give them what they crave! Don't deprive the children of the joy, They want peace forever With Irini we go forward progress, health, vigor It's a magic word for all who live on this earth It's an open door it's love, it's a celebration it is full of musk and fragrant flowers It's like hot bread that embraces the soul my little white dove fly in the starry sky YouTube link:
8533. Nurturing Peace - Αργολίδα

Students attending Integration Department of the Primary School of Ancient Epidaurus, in collaboration with the 4th grade, created this radio message. This is their attempt to express, in an imaginative way, that hope is born when children grow up by learning how to think, to express themselves and love each other. Alien: I am Pat, the alien. I see fireworks from my planet. I came here because I thought you were celebrating. Kid1: These aren't fireworks. Kid2: We are not celebrating. Kid3: This is war. Alien: What is war? Kid4: War is pain. Kid5: War is violence. Kid6: War is happening when adults use guns instead of dialogue. Alien: What are you doing about that? Kid1: We learn how to discuss. Kid2: We learn how to think. Kid3: We learn how to love. Everyone: Because peace is in our hands.

Title: The meaning of «EIRINI» - Do you know what «EIRINI» is? - What’s the meaning of the word «EIRINI»? Do you mean PEACE? - Peace is freedom from violence, destruction, war, inequality! - We are all equal! Colour, religion or origin don’t matter!! - Peace is the opportunity for dreaming, living your life with love and happiness!! - We must all cooperate all over the world!! - Peace is like a bird singing in the blue sky!! - Peace is a human need!! - We are all responsible to protect peace in the world! - We are all responsible to create a future for the next generation! - We are all responsible to give love, happiness and freedom to each other! - So, it is all our responsibility to maintain PEACE in the world!! - This is the meaning of «EIRINI» Interpretation: ANTAR VADAR (Kurdistan) PRABHA RANI (India) IMAD KHALID MOHAMMED (Kurdistan) AUGUSTIN JOVENEL (Haiti) MOUNCHILI NJOYA HASSAN (Cameroun) HAMO JOAN (Syria) ALI SHAHID (Pakistan) ΗΕΕNA SHARMA (India) The radio message is a creation of the Refugee Reception Department of the Evening High School of Chalkida. Our students, through their own experiences and despite the difficulties, worked together in harmony and united their voices with a single goal: To make the message for Peace heard everywhere! The poster is a photo of their own hands sending the message "...We are all equal!!! Colour, religion or origin don’t matter!!!..." which is also mentioned in the spot. The role of the responsible teachers was purely supportive. The teachers in charge: Konstantinaki Vasiliki, Polyzoi Asimina-Ioanna, Spanou Vasiliki
8541. No limits. - IES JOSÉ HIERRO

Happiness is the most beautiful mixture of dreams and dynamite. And may the new year multiply our ideas and the ability to dream. If you have an unfulfilled dream, you have a new goal to achieve. Think of others and put yourself in their place, you will see that it is better, that we are generous. work for get all you want, but don't put an end. You dont have limits

Participation of the 4th High School of Heraklion in the "Make it Heard 2023" radio message contest with the theme "Youth for peace". War and peace. An inseparable pair. War always necessitates peace, and peace is essentially a truce between two wars. War and peace. Neither given. The horrors of war coexist in Europe today with the goods of peace. War and peace. Thoughts and dreams through poetry. Using the poetic form of Japanese haiku (short poems of 17 syllables) we expressed our concerns about the negative effects of war and especially our thoughts and dreams about the universal value of peace. Students of the 4th High School of Heraklion Crete Video: (Soundtrack: Vangelis - Beautiful Planet Earth) RADIO MESSAGE (Soundtrack: Ryuichi Sakamoto - Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence) Chaos in the world - but where is hope? - Let's search for it together! People without war - are alive - and happy. Without peace - the world is dominated - by grief. It's war and darkness - has scattered - Where is the light? Why should the future - be red? - So many colours everywhere... In the little world I live in - Peace is the only thing - I want to look at.. Do not fight one another - People - make peace! Show mercy - to your felllow people! - Be kind! Peace won't come - by itself - Wake up everybody! At last cease the war - Bring peace - spread out joy! I want - everybody in the world - to be pure - in eternal peace. Just one wish.. - Peaceful people - living carefree.. Everywhere and always - peace and love - everyone's fight The whole world - will beautify - peace everywhere!
8500. "Palestinian Child from Gaza Seeking Peace in Cyprus" - Gymnasio Palouriotisas

The poem reflects my feelings and why I came to Cyprus. The poem also reflects my passion to be an asset in Cyprus and be part and parcel of the country
8402. War, the infamous, may disappear - ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ ΠΟΔΟΧΩΡΙΟΥ ΠΑΓΓΑΙΟΥ

Students from C1 class of the Primary School of Podochori send a message throw their radio spot.
8439. Irene talks with her company about world peace - 6ο ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟ ΝΑΟΥΣΑΣ

Participation of the 6th Primary School of Naoussa in the "Kanto nakoustei radio spot" context 2023 competition.
8634. Mosaic of peace - Elemetary school Semovec

Mosaic of peace Where did the human disappear? What is the password for peace? Our voices must be heard, must be louder than the sadness and crying. Conflicts in 21st century must be solved at the table, not on the battlefield. Find the common language! Understand each other! Know to say: Sorry! Only one human, every one of us is a piece in the mosaic of peace. So let’s start assembling the mosaic! Is there a common language for peace?
8565. A promise for peace - 4ο ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ ΗΡΑΚΛΕΙΟΥ (ΤΑΛΩΣ)

The 6th grade students of the 4th primary school of Heraklion created this radio spot during English class: One day during English class at school!!! Ms, can I ask a question? Of course, dear!!! What does this word mean in Greek?? PEACE PEACE??? Peace means EIΡHNH!!! EIΡHNH!!!! By the way, what does PEACE really mean?? Any thoughts???? What does the dictionary say, Ms?? Well, the dictionary says that PEACE is a stress-free state of security and calmness that comes when there's no fighting or war, everything is in perfect harmony and freedom. In other words???? It means to be polite, to be generous, to respect other people and value diversity, to care for the animals and the environment Can I say, Ms? Sure, dear. Peace means to be honest. To help the poor and feed the hungry, to be forgiving, to be a good friend, to be positive, to laugh, to say “I love you” more!!!!!! Can people do all these???? It sounds difficult!!! They can do it!!! WE CAN TEACH THEM!!!! WE WILL TEACH THEM!!! Promise????? Yes!!!! A promise for PEACE!!!!!!
8419. Peace - War - Education - 21ο ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ ΣΕΡΡΩΝ

Radio Message of 21st Serres Primary School Editor : Grouna : Maria, headmistress of 21st Serres Primary School Text : Pupils of F’ class – Kafetzis Dimitrios, teacher Music Editor : Abatzi Nikoletta, Music Teacher Translation : Rafti Maria, English teacher PEACE - WAR - EDUCATION *Peace and War, the two sides of the same coin, have been taking turns at life on Earth from ancient years since nowadays. The reasons for war are a lot, the virtues of peace, though, are endless. *Peace has been one of the most distorted meanings up today, as it has always had an interchangeable connection to war. *War is far more than an armed collision, it is a «massive a stupidity». The issue is not to just stave it off, but to contribute to the creation of the right context in society so that peace will always prevail. *Can education, sir, contribute to the consolidation of peace? *Education cannot in fact stave war off. However, it can mould the consciousness of those who will reject it. *Let’s all of us fight, then, for future citizens who respect their fellow beings and love peace!
8448. Guernica's Soundstory - 2ο Νηπιαγωγείο Αγίου Στεφάνου

A sound story ,based on Pablo s Picasso painting, Guernica

Participation of Kalochori High School in the "Make It Heard 2023" Competition, in the category Radio Message on the topic of Peace. Lyrics I close my eyes. Sirens. I hear bombs falling in the area. God, make sleep come quickly, quickly let the clamor go away. So many days and so many nights locked in an underground cell to wait for the soldiers to leave. I want to laugh and dream again, to run, play and sing. I ask for peace for those I love and for the whole world too. Peace everywhere around the world. Smile. Only peace in society. We say yes to peace in schools. We say no to war and no to violence. Put an end to bullying, for happiness to come.
8587. Voices for Peace - 1ο ΕΠΑΛ ΠΛΩΜΑΡΙΟΥ ΛΕΣΒΟΥ

Students of EPAL Plomari with the help of music and poetry raise their voices for a peaceful world. The following is the text of the radio spot: Until when?? Until when? Fear . Death. War. Which mother has her two children sent to war? Tell her not to worry and not to wait for them. Wise hands were given to me for foolish deeds. So many souls given to millstones... Until when??? Until we change this world. Until we become a fist, a hug, a spring breeze of peace. Peace is a glass of warm milk and a book in front of the child who wakes up Peace , when man's soul becomes sun out in the universe and the sun soul inside the man. This is the world we want! A world of peace, justice, respect, reconciliation, love Let's give it a chance!

What's peace? The students of the cross-cultural high school of Evosmos, through our school radio, made a spot answering the question in the languages ​​that are heard in our school
8459. Weather forecast - Primary school Gustav Krklec

Good day, dear world! Listen to what kind of weather awaits us. The forecast for the coming months looks bright with increasing levels of world peace, compassion and love. The world is coming together in understanding and unity, with people who recognize the importance of these values. The effort to promote peace and understanding is expanding greatly. In places, compassion and love will finally overcome the ugly weather. This is the moment to come together and support each other, to build a better world for all. The future is bright with hope. An anticyclone is coming in the form of understanding the power of love, compassion and building a peaceful and harmonious world. Let's continue to invoke all that is beautiful and positive. We must work to create a world where everyone is treated with respect. Together we can make the world a better place for everyone.
8554. Youth for Peace - Konstantinoupoleos Gymnasium

There are many students with different nationalities in our School. One day I interviewed children between thirteen and forteen years old. They were asked under what circumstances they came to Cyprus, how they experience the recent war, what their life is like in Cyprus and how they are doing in their new Secondary Education School. The students were recorded in the IT lab. A student was requested a collaboration for the clarinet soundtrack. The recording of the track 'BY THE FIRESIDE' was integrated with the radio message. We have attached a short video of the children's activities as well.
8530. Threads of peace - 43ο ΓΥΜΝΑΣΙΟ ΑΘΗΝΑΣ

Imagine we are watching puppetry, where all the puppets are dressed in different costumes, bur they seem –nevertheless- identical to each other. They fight endlessly, while the puppeteers whisper to them that by killing, grabbing, conquering they will become heroes. All the puppets are fighting - except one. She looked exhausted, she could not find any meaning at all in this. Suddenly, she cuts her threads. She runs in darkness and in terror, in order to escape, watching the others who continue to fight. She ran towards a dim light. For the first time, she experiences an overwhelming feeling of freedom and of life, as if she has returned back to her childhood. Back then, when battles were fought with wooden swords and the voices were not heartbreaking but only filled with joy. She had become blind by the darkness of the war, but now she could see colors around her, the colors of life. Peace is cutting one’s threads to escape suffering. Peace is to be able to distinguish all those colors. Peace is freedom, love, security, reconciliation with every country in the world, the sound of children playing. Peace has no boundaries, color, age, sex, religion. Violence is not the solution of our problems. Don’ t become a puppet yourself! Peace, shall we play together? Υes, let΄s do it!
8155. If you listen to this message - Γυμνάσιο Θουρίας

Secondary high school of Thouria, 2023, Peace If you listen to this message, you probably haven't been bombarded by some neighbors today, you won't be in the middle of the ocean trying to escape a civil war if you listen to this message, you will not be locked in a shelter you won't run to hide because someone is trying to kill you if you listen to European School Radio, you probably go to school you won't be bombed, maybe you're at home relaxing, you can be fooling around on your cell phone, or google what Solidarity means, but keep falling into unfamiliar words like: brotherhood, mutual help, mutual support, humanity, security, unity, sympathy, support, friendship, care, love …………………….(alarm sound) and if you just woke up don't fall asleep again do something……………. Yes, you cannot stop all wars by yourself but try to plant some seeds of peace Peace with your classmates, your teachers, in your neighborhood, in your home Peace with yourself you may not achieve anything but you will know at least you tried you owe it we owe it to all those who will never hear this message.
8504. We want peace - St Dimotiko Kato Pafos

St' primary school, Pafos

Watch the video here: The students of third grade of the 30th primary school of Aharnes invite you to travel with them on a very special train. Every single one of its carriages hides a secret ingredient of PEACE that only you will have the opportunity to discover. This peaceful journey starts now! Are you ready to grab this opportunity and travel with us? THE PEACE TRAIN - Can you hear it? It's coming. - Yes, yes... It's coming! - The peace train is here! - Look how special its carriages are. - The first one is calm and harmony. - The second one is mutual help and contribution. - The third, friendship and cooperation. - The fourth, understanding and mutual appreciation. - Can I see well enough? There's the last one and the most important. Of course, it's LOVE! - Hmm...What a beautiful train! Wouldn't it be wonderful if life worked in the same way? - Yeeeees!!! It should work like that. Every single one of us should take this train, move from carriage to carriage and make our life's journey even more beautiful. - Don't delay this anymore! This peaceful trip starts now and you have the opportunity to make it even more memorable and dream-like!
8175. Make it heard - Ivan Gundulić Primary School

Let it be heard in 2023 - Ivan Gundulic Primary School Good day, dear students! As part of the Let it heard 2023 competition, we interviewed the students of the Ivan Gundulic elementary school in Dubrovnik about what they think about conflicts, arguments and, most importantly, about reconciliation. Let's listen to the answers of first, third and sixth grade students. Why do you like to fight? Well… I fight because I can't agree with a person and we don't have the same thinking. Why don't you like to fight? Because if we fight, we can create problems in friendship. Because that's how I lose friends, and I don't like losing friends. How to resolve the conflict? Reconcile and tell why exactly it happened. For example let's go his way or mine, then next time differently and that's it. So that you go to that person and forgive them or that they come to you and forgive you. What would you say to people who are fighting? That they reconcile as soon as possible and that it does not lead to further discussion. Why is it important to reconcile? When we reconcile, we have more friends, and if we don't reconcile, there can be a bigger fight. Because it's important to always be friends and help each other. Mentor: Barbara Dorotic
8606. Give peace a chance - ΓΕΝΙΚΟ ΛΥΚΕΙΟ ΠΕΛΑΣΓΙΑΣ

In this radio spot a young girl Irene (Peace) is having a lively dialogue with some schoolchildren and friends of hers who have missed her a lot. What do they ask her? What does she say? What should they do to keep her in their company? GIVE PEACE A CHANCE - Hello Irene (Peace)! - Hello kids! - It’s been a long time since we last saw you! Where have you been? - People don’t seek me out, they have pushed me aside. They compete against one another, they kill, they demean, they undermine one another. I can’t survive in such toxic conditions. - You have to return! We need you! We feel happy and free when we are with you. Tell us what to do and we’ll do it! - Love your Family and your Friends. Plant flowers in the yards and trees in the hills. Respect the people around you. Stand united against injustice. Do not allow violence to erupt. Use colours, sing songs, dream of and create a better world. This is the only way I can be with you! - What do you think guys? Why don’t we give peace a chance?
8218. Ivana Gorana Kovacica Vrbovsko Primary School - Primary School Ivana

Students send a message that they want more EU action to address these concerns: helping to keep the peace, protecting the environment, and promoting equal treatment and all governments need to implement an inclusive participation strategy for all children. Hello! My name is Ana.I would like politicians to trust us more . We young people have shown and proved countless times that we can be trusted and that we have the ability to help Europe grow and develop for our better future. Hello! My name is Ivan. Just do more. More education, more investment in renewable energy and giving young people a voice. I am deeply concerned about the impact of the coronavirus on the poor and disadvantaged. Also to migrants and refugees. Hello! My name is Patrik-I think politicians need to do a lot more to protect the environment and climate and talk more to young people about better funding for schools and reducing greenhouse gases. Hello! My name is Zara.-I still want to change the world and make it a fairer, more peaceful and safer place to live. I see Europe as an opportunity to keep making new experiences, to recognize and respect the diversity of people.
8443. Peace... fellow travellers of dreams! - 1ο ΙΔΙΩΤΙΚΟ ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ ΕΚΠΑΙΔΕΥΤΗΡΙΑ Ν. ΜΠΑΚΟΓΙΑΝΝΗ Α.Ε.

The students of the 6st grade of Ekpedeftiria Bakogianni Primary School, participate in the competition ‘’Make it heard’’, in the context of interdisciplinary activities on Human Rights under the guidance of their teachers Gialitaki M, Papanthimou Ch, Zazou V. The lyrics of the song were written by the student Varsamogianni P. The music was composed by Mr Paschalidis D, music teacher. The video was edited by Mrs Papangelou E, IT teacher and Mrs Sgouri Ei, drama teacher. The students Varsamogianni P, Kiriakakis S, Karaiskos K, Tzelli N, Magkotsios N, Fotis N, Tsitsifli D, Mastorodimou M, Stavrakis K, Papanikolaou V, Gateniou L were the narrators of the video. Peace...fellow travellers of dreams! The flame of peace spreads its sparkles Like the rosysun that is rising. It wraps you in a veil of joy and optimism and lulls you to sleep with the sweetest song. And it becomes your fellow traveller in the journey of dreams. If you manage to keep this flame alive within yourself, then it will keep you away from fear it wiill keep you away from the grey sea and the conspirators. PEACE, a song which enchants you PEACE, the power which beats the grey colour inside us PEACE, flame which spreads its sparkles inside you Keep the flame of peace inside you!
8599. One breath is all it takes - 1ο ΓΕΝΙΚΟ ΛΥΚΕΙΟ ΣΕΡΡΩΝ

You are still very young. Don't act like a child, just stop. Are you going to wear these? The new generation.... You're too old for such things, don't you understand? Our society depends on you. This can't be serious! What music are you listening to? You are too old for... Alright kid, why did you wear black again? Are you going to a funeral? If I was at your age... Get serious! These are not for you! Come on, you're fine, you've got nothing. Watch your tone! Don't get angry so easily. Learn to listen! (breath) One breath is enough!

Participation of 4th Primary School Neas Ionias Volou "Pan. Katsirelos" in the song contest "kanto nakoystei 2023" with subject "Return to light" Have you noticed the magic of peace? No, because the war brings darkness, brings shooting and all are drown in death Death is strolling in war time Dead bodies, thousands of dead bodies for more land Dont think your own interest but our interest So many lost tears and dreams Sound from electric guitar is heard Pain, fear, tears, silence (Violin: the song of joy.) We were given Freedom by those that fought, we shall remember them We were given Peace, dont forget! Peace! -Come, come girls, I have brought the new ball to play our game! -We are coming! -Come Peter, lets go to school! -Now, I am coming! -Great, lets meet in an hour at the part -Lets ask the boys too -I will call them YOU TOO JOIN US
8555. Speaking trumpets in the row shout for peace very loud. - ΝΗΠΙΑΓΩΓΕΙΟ ΤΕΡΨΙΘΕΑΣ

The radio message was created by the students of the Terpsithea Kindergarten in Larissa. The teachers in charge Katigianni Eleni, Papadopoulou Olga and Paparsenou Vasiliki, as cheerleaders, supported all the children's activities. Head of Kindergarten Areti Boboti. Message Peace! Peace! Peace! Do you hear us ? We are sending out an SOS! Peace! Syria and Ukraine need you. Peace! Run and help! Peace! Run to all countries! Go away sadness! Stop war! Peace! Open all schools! Peace! Open all houses! Peace! Give toys and joy to children all over the world! Peace all over the world! No war! Make peace! Visualization: Music investment: Nicola Piovani
8514. Youth for Peace - Krunoslav Kuten Primary School

We integrate the topic "Peace" into the teaching of all subjects. We talk about peaceful conflict resolution and dramatize situations in which we practice how to express ourselves. Last year, three refugee students from Ukraine came to our class, which encouraged additional empathy. We wrote compositions, and messages in our mother tongue, translated them into English, and then through the game "Match the rhyme" we wrote our song for peace. As a teacher, I had the role of motivator and moderator. We have previous experience in recording, but we have repeated the recordings several times. We chose music under the influence of the European anthem and our national anthem, which we learned while designing our message of peace in regular classes. We concluded that we can contribute to peace with small actions and kind words. Hey, listen to my voice, let peace be your choice. Don't be a drama queen listen to others what do they mean. I'm not looking for big things, I don't want gold rings. What do you say about this? Let the children grow up in peace. I want to go around the world , I want to be free like a bird. I don't care if you are black, white or yellow, I want to be your fellow. Give me an embrace and I will feel Grace. Our concept is respect. Cheer for peace and see you in Greece .
8267. writing for peace - Δημοτικό Σχολείο Κάτω Σχολαρίου

if all the peoples of the earth would stop wars and they laid down their arms and made peace, then all children would have schools and they would play carelessly in the square, books they would flip through in the library with fury. knowledge would be learned, lifelong learning. We would all like to have a picnic again, all together in the countryside, young and old. wars wouldn't start again, unless there was snow, where everyone would throw snowballs under the balcony. parkour, games and in the parks we would play together, sunny we would fill their days nicely. we would go on more trips, if fuel wasn't so expensive. around the world we would travel new cultures we would unravel. not to discriminate, let us not suffer the same. Friendship would overflow from the children and we would all happily play together. my beloved italy Oh, I was going for a walk in Milan. I would be a bird, I would fly I would go all over the sky. over all the plains I would sing all the time. we would build castles in the sand with a builder from Samos. If on earth we had peace, all this could have been of a cake a piece
8336. Peace shines within me - ΝΗΠΙΑΓΩΓΕΙΟ ΜΑΛΩΝΑΣ You're listening to bubblegum radio! -"Get out of here too, you who know nothing". -"They have left me alone, no one plays with me". -" You make me very angry and stink of cheese". -" They broke my heart, they don't play with me anymore..." -" And if they speak ill of you or despise you, the advice of the nightingale is wise... Don't care at all, don't be consumed by the disease!" -" I will sing to you magically... And I don't care at all, I don't get sick, I don't care about what you say!" - "Glosou!" -" I'll tell you hip-hop. I don't care at all, I'm not sick, I don't care what you say"! -" Because peace shines within me!" -" How well the nightingale says it..." Few words from us: Peace needs a lot of work all the time. In our own age we seek to consolidate it through the ability to develop healthy and harmonious interpersonal relationships governed by mutual respect and acceptance of diversity.In order to become bearers of peace and to resist toxicity among ourselves, we must first of all have Peace within ourselves. Which means we have cultivated a healthy self-image, self-confidence and self-esteem. With this verse we respond energetically, shielding our dignity and discrediting the malicious comment, weakening it. So the nightingale says it well... when we shine within ourselves we can only promote Peace.
8184. Young people pray for Peace - 4ο ΓΥΜΝΑΣΙΟ ΞΑΝΘΗΣ

Participacion of 4th Gymnasium of Xanthi in the spot Kanto nakoustei 2023 "Youth for Peace"
8165. I refuse - Primary school Vugrovec-Kašina

Pupils of Primary School Vugrovec-Kasina recorded short radioshow fot the contest Make it heard. mentor: Dijana Pozgaj TRANSCRIPT I REUFUSE I refuse to live in a world where the world’s newest nation of South Sudan still lives in an era of violence since 2011 people have been dying of hunger. Nothing has changed. I refuse to live in a world where Ukrainian people face war. Over a million refugees had to flee the country and created a new humanitarian emergency in Europe. They have been facing this since 2014. Do not forget that… I refuse to live in the world where Afghans have suffered through so much: decades of civil war, foreign interventions, political and economic insecurity. I refuse to live in a world where more than 13 million Syrian people have either fled the country or are displaced within its borders. I refuse to live in a world where any child has to flee it's homeland due to violence, insecurity, hunger and possibility of death. I accept to live in a world where there is NO WAR, NO ABUSE OR VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS, NO POVERTY, ZERO HUNGER, AND EQUALITY FOR ALL. I want the whole world to be everyone's homeland, regardless of race, nationality, sexual orientation and religious beliefs. I want this world for myself and for all children of this world

Hi Guys! You will hear "The recipe of peace". It is a recipe we all must follow so that everyone in the world will be happy and safe. When we finally complete the recipe steps we will make a peacful community.
8648. Sing this P(eace)iece - Xenion Junior School

We present to you our song and we are ready to tell you the story behind it....All the instruments are one unity, playing together for a better world! The children are singing for their rights. The right to be free and safe. The world we live in is full of challenges. However, this won't stop us from being positive with love and hope for peace. If we have education in our lives, knwoledge can make us smarter and wiser because as my grandmother used to say 'education is freedom and power'. Use your imagination and fantasy to make the world a better place to live because you should know that dreams do come true. Hope and faith is the major key to start. Take the musical staff, the treble chef, use the dynamics and sing as loud as you can. The conductor will always be there to guide you, even if you sing the wrong note, the other members of the choir will support your voice. And what is the world without music? How can we survive without singing? Singing together. One for all and all for one! So... sing this piece with us, the children of the world, for ever lasting piece! Video:
8189. We are the new generation - 3ο Δημοτικό Σχολείο Παλαιού Φαλήρου

Participation of 3d Primary School of Paleo Faliro for the Contest Make it heard: Youth for Peace. Peace is wronged. Peace is wronged and we will not let it become an endangered species. Peace is wronged because we humans fight and argue. While behind us at the end of the war lies peace, spring, children playing and rejoicing. We have wronged peace but we will not let it become an endangered species. We are the new generation that will change everything. War will be out of the dictionaries because this word will never be heard again. We are the new generation, we will not allow peace to be violated even once more. It is life, it is the source of love and friendship. We are the new generation that kills every war wherever and whenever it is. People made many mistakes, one of them is war and we will fix it. We are the new generation. One is love not strife, people made many mistakes we will fix all, this we are, the new, the new generation. It is a virtue. Children play in the squares. Like opening a window to the blue sky. It is love. Reconciled and happy.
8290. Peace is achieved with... - Pre-School and Primary School El Peral

Everyday, Peace is achieved with respect, tolerance, cooperation, understanding, dialogue, equality and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.
8314. No other place to live - a message to people - primary school Vojnic

This is a message to all people to remember what kind of planet we had, what paths we walked and how much safer the world was until we changed it with our intervention and endangered all life. In order for our heritage not to have an unhappy ending, we want to restore people's sense of belonging to the only home they have and make them aware and start changing the world for the better.
8168. Come, Let’s get together, the star of peace - ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ ΑΔΑΜΑΝΤΑ ΜΗΛΟΥ

Partipication of Adamantas Milos Elementary School. Two teachers read as a pront stimulus to the 6th grade students, from Thucydides Athenian Milian Dialoque. Students are then encouraged to express themselves about war, peace, life and their fears. The students thoughts alternate with verses by Seferis, Ritsos and Nerouda, that they themselves chose, looking for related poems, but also with the words of refugees they read or heard, after a series of interview, they took from their close environment. The teacher had the role of quide in the search for the poems and directed the children's ideas to the contrast technique (war peace)
8280. PEACE 2023 - 2ο ΕΠΑΛ ΧΑΛΚΙΔΑΣ

8308. Peace inside us - 10ο ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ ΑΜΑΡΟΥΣΙΟΥ

Pupils of 1st degree demand peace and pass this message in the whole world. They learn that peace begins from ourselves and spreads to other people. The text: In peace we are happy. We pass away our fears. We love our planet earth. We are all a company. We take care of each other. I love all children of the world. We love the environment. I respect other people. We love animals. Peace brings us joy.I enjoy being with my family. We make beautiful things. We love sports. We plant flowers. Peace inside us!

Participation of Model School “Evangeliki School of Smyrna” (gymnasium) A COMMITMENT FOR EVERYONE -What is peace? -A period of time, where there is no war, most people will answer. But is it that simple? The truth is that no! Actually it means something deeper and wider. Behind the word peace, this 3-syllable word, the dreams, the hope and the happiness of billions of people and especially children hide. HOPE, HAPPINESS, DREAMS, CALMNESS, HARMONY, EQUALITY All these together make PEACE. But war swipes everything up. Everything except one thing: HOPE. The hope for prosperity, civilization, progress, and love. The hope that the guns will become silent, and the hearts will talk, saying ‘’I love you’’. Together we can all put an end to the war, to give a future with peace to the young people of today and tomorrow. To the ones that are seeking it now and the ones that will seek it later and forever. A future with peace is humane future. We, the new generation, commit for Irene from Greece, for Bow-ling from China, for Sakura from Japan, for Arianna from Iran, for Anastasia from Ukraine, for Saranet from Ethiopia, for Arapet from New Zealand, for Jose from Peru. Our commitment of today is our promise for tomorrow!

Peiramatiko Gymnasio Panepistimiou Makedonias Omilos Radiofwnoy Aikaterini Zosimidou Maria Zosimidou
8488. Ta paidia stelnoun mhnumata gia thn eirini - 11ο ΝΗΠΙΑΓΩΓΕΙΟ ΚΑΛΑΜΑΡΙΑΣ

Eirini shmainei ta dentrakia, ta peristeria, oi kardoules, ta louloudakia, o hlios, ta xortiarakia, h agapi, ta paidakia! Eirini shmainei peristeria, eirini shmainei filia, eirini shmainei louloudia, eirini shmainei ouranio toxo, eirini shmainei paixnidia, asteria! Eiani to paixnidi, einai to gelio kai h xara, einai h eleutheria, einai h fush, ta dentra, einai megales kardies, einai na dinoume zwgrafies, na moirazomaste pragmata, einai h agapi, ola, einai h filia, einai h agaph, einai ta louloudia!

Οι 22 μαθητές της Στ τάξης του σχολείου εργάστηκαν με τον εξής τρόπο: - Αρχικά, κάναμε μία συζήτηση όπου μιλήσαμε για την ειρήνη. Οι μαθητές, αυτομάτως έβαλαν στη συζήτηση και τον πόλεμο και εξέφρασαν έντονα τις ανησυχίες τους για τους διάφορους πόλεμους που γίνονται σε όλο τον κόσμο. Εγώ, είχα το ρόλο του συντονιστή. - Στη συνέχεια, ατομικά ο κάθε μαθητής και μαθήτρια κατέγραψε στο χαρτί κάποιες «λέξεις-κλειδιά» που κράτησε και θυμόταν από τη συζήτηση. - Έπειτα, κλήθηκαν να ξαναγράψουν αυτές τις λέξεις, τη μία δίπλα στην άλλη, βάζοντάς τες σε μία σειρά. - Για να ολοκληρωθεί η εργασία της συγγραφής των σκέψεων, οι μαθητές και μαθήτριες έβαλαν ανάμεσα στις λέξεις-κλειδιά τις λέξεις που λείπουν με σκοπό να διαμορφωθούν μικρές προτάσεις. Από τη στιγμή που είχαμε κάποιες σκέψεις ώστε να δουλέψουμε, χωριστήκαμε σε 4 ομάδες: 1) Η ομάδα των κειμένων: υπεύθυνη ώστε να διαβάσει όλες τις σκέψεις και προτάσεις που γράφτηκαν και να αποφασίσει να συγγράψει ένα τελικό κείμενο. 2) Η ομάδα της ηχογράφησης: υπεύθυνη να κάνει την ηχογράφηση. 3) Η ομάδα των performer: η ομάδα που θα ηχογραφηθεί. 4) Τρεις συντονιστές για τις παραπάνω ομάδες, οι οποίοι είναι υπεύθυνοι ώστε η συνεργασία να είναι ομαλή και όλοι να έχουν το χώρο τους στην ομάδα, να ακούγονται όλες οι απόψεις και να δίνουν λύσεις σε τυχόν κολλήματα και προβλήματα. Επίσης, είναι υπεύθυνοι ώστε να τηρηθούν τα χρονικά περιθώρια που τέθηκαν. Ο κάθε μαθητής και η κάθε μαθήτρια επέλεξε από μόνος και μόνη σε ποια ομάδα θα ήθελε και θα ένιωθε άνετα να συμβάλλει και να δουλέψει. Τέλος, οι τρεις ομάδες εργάστηκαν συνεργατικά, ενώ εγώ έδειξα στην ομάδα της ηχογράφησης πώς στήνουμε τα συστήματα που χρειαζόμαστε, πώς τα χειριζόμαστε και τι πρέπει να προσέχουμε. Η ηχογράφηση έγινε στο μάθημα της μουσικής με ένα λάπτοπ και ένα πυκνωτικό μικρόφωνο και χρησιμοποιώντας το πρόγραμμα Audacity. Λόγω περιορισμένου χρόνου, δείξαμε πώς γίνεται η επεξεργασία, όμως στη συγκεκριμένη περίπτωση η επεξεργασία του ήχου έγινε από μένα σε συνεννόηση με τους μαθητές. Τέλος, όσο αφορά τη μουσική, υπήρχε το πρόβλημα της άγνοιας, καθώς ήταν η πρώτη χρονιά των μαθητών που διδάσκονται το μάθημα. Άρα, δεν υπήρχαν προηγούμενες μουσικές γνώσεις. Για αυτό, μιλήσαμε σχετικά με τα πνευματικά δικαιώματα, όσο αφορά τόσο το ηχητικό, όσο και το οπτικό υλικό (π.χ. φωτογραφίες) και τι υλικό και από που μπορούμε να χρησιμοποιήσουμε. Οι μαθητές και μαθήτριες αποφάσισαν πως και λόγω χρόνου, αλλά και πιο ενδιαφέρον για αυτούς και αυτές θα ήταν να βρουν μία μουσική με free copyrights. Εν κατακλείδι, για background ήχος, η μουσική επιλέχθηκε από το youtube και έχει free copyrights. ( )
8490. Peace always and everywhere! - ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ ΜΟΥΖΑΚΙΟΥ ΟΛΟΗΜΕΡΟ

War.. Disasters.. Hostility.. Tear.. Fumes.. Loss.. Affliction.. Foreign lands.. Hunger.. Inconvenience.. Pain... Terror... Enough!!! We want peace! Peace and joy in our hearts! We don't want solidute, to be all tied like a fist! Peace is like a child having fun, playing, like you! To make colorful dreams, to be able to get plenty of fresh air! Peace is like a child looking for the sun and after a long time finding it! Peace is joy, playing, laughing, singing! We ask for freedom, luck, love and tranquility! Love does not fit war! It may be a great wish, but we want peace forever! Peace always and everywhere!
8677. WE ALL WANT PEACE - Dječji vrtić Marjan

We all want peace to be our common language when love, happines, tolerace, kidness and respect are put together they create peace in our hearts. We should all work toghether like team try with small steps off happines to create peacefull walk.
8323. 5th kindergarten Nea Moudania - 5ο ΟΛΟΗΜΕΡΟ ΝΗΠΙΑΓΩΓΕΙΟ Ν. ΜΟΥΔΑΝΙΩΝ

The children of the 5th Kindergarten of New Moudania send their own message for peace! They express their what is peace! They can picture what the word peace brings to mind! They express their wishes and wish for the whole world and all the children of the earth PEACE! Section 1 Action Editor Mostaki Maria.

The sun of peace!!! The sun of peace is outside our classroom. We made him. Every child and a sunbeam! Sunbeams have a voice. We gave them a voice. Let's go! Peace is joy. Peace is not war; it is very different. Peace avoids war; Peace offers love. Peace consists of people and happy children. Peace avoids war and offers love to all the children of the world. Peace is love. Peace is the whole world. Peace is nature. Peace is a smile. Peace is joy love, happiness, pleasure. Peace consists of joy, love and warmth. Peace avoids war. Peace is the mother's embrace. Peace is the mother. Peace is like freedom. Peace avoids pain. Peace is dreams. Peace is life. Peace is the earth. Peace is the life of people.
8284. spot peace2 - 3ο ΓΕΝΙΚΟ ΛΥΚΕΙΟ ΝΕΑΣ ΙΩΝΙΑΣ

An advertising spot about peace in Greece PEACE AND WAR Two conflicting concepts that have infiltrated both our outer and inner worlds. In ancient Greece, the concept of Democracy and Peace was born. Despite this, civil strife and wars took place in the Hellenic area which promoted violence and greatly limited the peace and unity among the Greeks. Then the threat of the enemy forced the Greeks to unite and collectively face him. What do we conclude from this? Through peace we can develop in all areas and lead to our mental well-being, and as Herodotus said, no one is so stupid as to prefer war to peace, because in times of peace children bury their parents, while on the contrary in times of war parents bury their children.
8388. Peaceful & Youthful Radio Pulses - ΓΕΝΙΚΟ ΛΥΚΕΙΟ ΣΠΕΤΣΩΝ

Credits go to students: Vaios Karagiannis, Argyro Nisyropoulou, Metaxia Argentini, Maria Eleni Mpi, Eleni Stanathioti, Anastasia Artemis Kalogianni, George Markou. Coordinated by teachers Konstantinou Maria and Chaski Dimitra. War or Peace? Lives are lost at war. Cities are laid to waste. Voices are silenced. Schools are torn down. Playgrounds are deserted. ENOUGH! I condemn the war so as to be awoken by my alarm clock and not by sirens of war. I act for Peace. Because, in times of peace, hope flourishes like a flower day by day. People shake hands. Everything is so beautiful, so joyous. I can feel the freedom in the wind. I can dream of a world full of colors and melodies. I can be myself without any fear. I act for Peace TODAY. I claim for myself a peaceful and just tomorrow!
8414. Lo diferente nos enriquece a todos/as Our differences enriches us all - CEIP Pinares del Cega

Ar participation for the contest with the collaboration of a school in California, where some students from our school and from the school in California points out the importance of the differences between people as an enrichment for all.

Ένα παιδί αναρωτιέται και ταυτόχρονα ανησυχεί για το πότε θα επιστρέψει ο πατέρας του από τον πόλεμο. Η μητέρα του το καθησυχάζει μέχρι τη στιγμή που ακούει στις ειδήσεις ότι οι απεσταλμένοι στρατιώτες είναι όλοι νεκροί. Επικρατεί μια σιωπή η οποία δηλώνει τη θλίψη που βιώνει η μητέρα. Εκεί τελειώνει , και ακολουθεί το αντιπολεμικό μήνυμα.
8127. Peace to the world! - Osnovna škola "Sućidar"

After the principal told me about the project, we immediately decided to show it to the pupils. We started a dicussion on the state of the world and talked about what messages of peace they would like to send out. During the next couple of days, pupils kept coming up with new messages. I told them to write down all of them and to think about how they would like to present them. Among themselves they chose their favourite messages, decided who and in what way will present them and soon enough they had a final script. With the help of their English teacher Ms Katija Peric, who corrected written and spoken mistakes and their computer science teacher Ms Antonela Gudic who provided technical support, we ended up with a short and sweet show. Transcript of the radio message: R: Hello! EVERYONE: GOOD DAY! R: We interrupt our regular radio program to bring you the breaking news. A number of pupils have gathered here with us to share their messages of peace. Let's hear what these kids have to say. J: We don't want war and violence! We want friendship and peace! It's been enough of war and violence! EVERYONE: CHILDREN WANT PEACE! J: Because the life is more beautiful without war and violence. D: Let's all pray for peace Because with no peace there is no life Because peace is the word of God! S: War has no meaning. The only thing that happens in war is death and violence. In war there is no happiness and joy, no winner. EVERYONE: WE NEED PEACE! T: Violence doesn't solve anything. EVERYONE: STOP VIOLENCE! T: Violence leaves bad marks. Say NO to violence, say YES to friendship! M: Peace will rule the world only when the light of love enters the souls of humans. We can never have peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves. P: We hope our messages can inspire a change in the world and touch the hearts of all people. May peace be in the whole world! R: Such a beautiful messages! When it comes to spreading love and peace, language is never a barrier. Goodbye to everyone with final words from kids. J: Let there be peace in the world. D: Let everyone be good to each other. S: Respect others as your own. T: May love be everywhere. M: Let love prevail. P: Be together. EVERYONE: PEACE TO THE WORLD!

This spot was created by students of the 1st grade of the 2nd Primary School of Nea Erythraia as part of the Skills Workshops course. The children recorded their ideas about peace and expressed them through this audio message.
8450. We fight for world peace... - ΙΔΙΩΤΙΚΟ ΓΥΜΝΑΣΙΟ - ΕΚΠΑΙΔΕΥΤΗΡΙΑ ΑΤΣΟΓΛΟΥ

Watching the world daily life, peace is becoming weaker and weaker. The humanity is humiliated, but the teenagers are screaming for PEACE...
8646. We have a voice: For peace - 1ο ΝΗΠΙΑΓΩΓΕΙΟ ΠΑΝΟΡΑΜΑΤΟΣ

In the eTwinning project "We have a voice: for a better future, beautiful, sustainable, together" students from Greece, Turkey and Lithuania joint in this contest and together they empower their voices and speak up for peace with ourselves, in our schools and in the whole world. You can watch what does peace means for our students in the following video
8549. Do you ask for war? We cry for peace! - ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ ΠΡΟΔΡΟΜΟΥ-ΑΓΙΑΣ ΤΡΙΑΔΑΣ

The message of the students of the Primary School of Prodromos-Ag. Triadas against war.

Special Elementary School of Naousa students are speaking of Peace and the Olympic Games of 2024
8449. Fragrance of Peace - 3ο Γυμνάσιο Καβάλας

Peace… A fragrance that takes you to a blooming garden full of the most beautiful flowers of friendship, joy, love! With strong elements of the song's laughter and irresistible smells of optimism! It releases notes of carefree hope with chords of calm power and a sense of carelessness! As an ambassador of unity for all humanity, the perfume's motto is "to love life"! Great unisex combination that suits everyone, worn everywhere and always, calms the senses and has a powerful effect on everyone around, leaving an attractively irresistible aura of positivity, freedom, rejuvenation! Unsurpassed timeless fragrance! Its aromatic character will conquer you and awaken in you joy, happiness, good mood, passion for life! A must-have for everyone! One drop, one shot, and the whole PLANET will smell "PEACE" What it says; Isn't it worth wearing? Created for all dreamers who wish to close their eyes and dream of a world of beauty, without violence, without fear, without insecurity, without ugliness! A planet with a future, with PEACE! The choice is yours ……… Not for sale …….. Given away ………… Let's bombard the Earth with the scent of PEACE!
8572. What if Peace disappears, she will appear Iin a poem... - ΓΕΝΙΚΟ ΛΥΚΕΙΟ ΤΡΑΓΑΙΑΣ ΝΑΞΟΥ

(MOTHER) Switch on the idiot box so we listen to today's news. Turn the volume up, turn it up. (PRESENTER) Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this is the nightly central newscast of '' Exaggeration TV '', and today's breaking news include: This morning a woman was beaten to death by her companion, the culprit is on the run. Thousands of children from the war stricken country will spend Christmas in the darkness of the bomb shelter, meager donations have been received in their support. We have been following the investigations, with bated breath, regarding the unexpected disappearance of the child who, as it was announced, has been raised in an abusive environment. Our warmest wishes for the speedy return of Peace to humanity as THEIR lives are in danger. (DAUGHTER) Mum I didn't understand what that lady was saying. Why did she seem so sad? (SON) And who is that Peace, do I know her? (MOTHER) Peace is...I'm not quite sure what it is, that's why I am going to borrow a poet's words: peace, my young ones, is a glass of warm milk and a book in front of a child who wakes up. When in the pits, which were dug by the shells we plant trees and in the hearts the fire burns, hope ties its first buds, it is peace. The clasped hands of people, the warm bread on the table of the world, the mother's smile, a child's dream, words of love under the trees are peace..

The students of "The others and me" club collected their thoughts on peace creating a radio spot recorded in many languages. The students attending the "stop motion lab" created a short film about the spot "A letter from the future". Teachers Markos Blatsios, Maria Balaska and Chryssa Michalakidi helped the students both with recording the spot and filming the short film. Special thanks to George Kritikos for his technical support. Video link: "A letter from the future" A letter from the future addressed to "Irini" (peace) Who is peace? Where is peace? What is peace? Peace is waking up and be free. When you start a new day, full of happiness and smiles around you, you should be grateful. Don't take it for granted. Peace is talking, laughing and having a good time with your friends. Without peace your heart may break. Violence will bring violence. Violence spreads only terror in the world. In the future, when this letter is being written, people have realised that even though we're not the same, maybe we face the same difficulties and troubles. If you don't feel safe, If you need me, I'm here. Inner peace will be found when everybody has become one. Our differences can actually bring us together, if you have both your heart and your mind open.
8493. Eyewitness accounts - ΑΡΣΑΚΕΙΟ ΓΥΜΝΑΣΙΟ ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗΣ

Arsakeio Junior School of Thessaloniki' participation in KANTO NAKOYSTEI radio spot contest. RADIO SPOT TEXT -Down with war! No more destruction! No more refugees! -What is the matter Thanos? What are talking about? -Do you not even care about what we have been talking and hearing about all these months, the Asia Minor Disaster? -Where did we hear that? -All the time, on TV programmes, dedications, documentaries,concerts and eye witness accounts that we have read about in class. -OK You are right! Those stories were so sad, so full of the pain of the people who went through that experience. The terrible truth about war comes out in their accounts. -But even though they were living through hell, they were strong enough to get through it and save their families. -They had terrible lives!I am so grateful that I have never had to live through something like that, and I hope I never will, nor anyone else! I think it is awful and that nobody should have to go through it. -100 years after the disaster,the memories of the people who were lost have become immortal, and those who were saved managed by their bravery and their strong souls to tell us about their love for their homeland and its rich culture.
8364. Embrace Peace! - Perifereiako Gymnasio Xylotymvou

The submitted material is prepared by a group of fifteen year old students at the Literature lesson. Overwhelmed by what they read and studied along with their experience of seeing what is happening around the world today, they decided to create this short spot in an effort to promote the meaning of peace. Radio message follows: "War! Ambition, arrogance, totalitarian authoritarian rule, greed, financial interests, selfishness. What are the consequences of war? Ruins, disaster, hunger, occupation, degradation, loss, death! Peace! We, the young generation, voice our faith in the principles of freedom, equality, fraternity, respect, compassion, democracy! END WAR! EMBRACE PEACE!"
8513. Believe it! You can! - 2ο ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ ΑΓΙΩΝ ΘΕΟΔΩΡΩΝ

- Who wants to live in the darkness and in ruined houses? - Not me! - Who wants to feel pain, anger, insecurity? - Not me! - Who wants to hear explosions, gunshots? - Not me! - Who believes that wars must stop? - WE DO! - My friends and I are thinking of changing the world. - We want joy, love, trust, support, equality, hope. - We need PEACE to grow up with joy, to live happily, to create. - Can we, the young, change the world? - Can you also change the world? - BELIEVE IT! YOU CAN!
8194. the new generation for peace - ΗΜΕΡΗΣΙΟ ΓΥΜΝΑΣΙΟ ΦΟΥΡΝΩΝ ΣΑΜΟΥ

Radio message through the words of Greek writers, ancient philosophers and young students about the consequences of war and the need for peace TEXT: He lowered his rifle, lowered his head and saw nothing... in the end he managed to see only birds fluttering in terror as if the rifle had fallen from the opposite bank... and he knelt first, then fell face down on the soil. "The river", Antonis Samarakis, 1954. Peace is the opposite of war between Greeks and Germans, between Greeks and Turks and between so many others.. we can reshoot the video by constantly changing flags, but it will remain the same: war. Peace is the opposite of war between Greeks and Germans, between Greeks and Turks and between so many others.. we can reshoot the video by constantly changing flags, but it will remain the same: war. .Ην δε την ειρήνην ποιησώμεθα, καθ' εκάστην δε την ημέραν προς ευφορίαν επιδώσομεν, Ισοκράτης, περί Ειρήνης, 19-21. Peace is not only the opposite of war, peace is the opposite of violence, all violence, school violence, bullying, peace is the opposite of violence in stadiums, fan violence... NOT the fake, imaginary peace, not the virtual peace of social media, but the real, real peace we have inside and around us
8551. We are young & we dream of Peace! - 1ο ΓΕΝΙΚΟ ΛΥΚΕΙΟ ΚΙΛΚΙΣ

Who do you think is hiding peace these days? Peace lies behind racism, expansionism, discord, selfishness, stereotyping, rudeness, pessimism, suspicion, nervousness and war. What does peace mean to you? Freedom, equality, justice, love, support, kindness, understanding, friendship, trust and respect. We are young and we dream of peace!
8467. Yes to love, yes to friendship! - 4ο ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ ΧΑΛΑΝΔΡΙΟΥ

Participation of 4th primary School Halandriou in the song contest "Kanto nakoustei" 2023 - Κοίτα…κοίτα….τι βλέπεις; - Βλέπω…..τις εικόνες από τον πόλεμο. - Άσχημες εικόνες. Πόλεις έρημες….ισοπεδωμένες - Τι ακούς; - Ακούγονται οι σειρήνες του πολέμου…. - Άνθρωποι κρύβονται για να σωθούν - Παιδιά τρομαγμένα με βλέμματα γεμάτα απορία - Άνθρωποι με δάκρυα στα μάτια - Και όλα γύρω είναι γκρι - Κλείσε τα μάτια. Τι βλέπεις; - Κλείνω τα μάτια και βλέπω μια πόλη, με χρώματα, ήλιο, καταπράσινη όπου ακούγονται μόνο οι χαρούμενες φωνές των παιδιών….το κελάηδημα των πουλιών… - Ανοίγω τα μάτια, νιώθω θλίψη, στεναχώρια, απογοήτευση και ένα αναπάντητο «γιατί;» - Η ιστορία δε μας δίδαξε. Ζούμε στον 21ο αιώνα…. - Οι διαφορές δε λύνονται με βία και όπλα - Η αγάπη και η συμπόνια είναι ο φωτεινός δρόμος για την ειρήνη - Η ειρήνη ξεκινάει με την αγάπη. Και οι δύο μαζί αιώνιες πανανθρώπινες αξίες - Ας ενώσουμε τις φωνές μας για ένα αύριο καλύτερο, χωρίς όπλα, χωρίς βία, χωρίς απώλειες - Όχι στον πόλεμο - Όχι στη βία - Ναι στην αγάπη - Ναι στη φιλία
8282. Let it go, make room for peace! - ΓΥΜΝΑΣΙΟ ΠΕΙΡΑΙΑ ΠΕΙΡΑΜΑΤΙΚΟ ΖΑΝΝΕΙΟ

To prepare this year's participation the children of the “History and Student Radio Club” of Zanneio High School Piraeus we inspired by the historical events we study in a creative and experiential way. We made various texts in groups from which came what we finally participate with. We send our voice to everyone, so that everyday, everyone lets it go and instead makes room for peace! Let it go, make room for peace! Every day we are told that we have peace But, what day do we not hear of war? War with guns, bombs, dead soldiers But do we have peace when a woman, a child is abused? When animals are tortured? When forests burn, air poisons, diseases spread? When you, you fight every day with your fellow human beings? do you comment on the appearance and character of others as if you are infallible? do you envy their success? do you step on corpses to get to the top? are you a slave to your passions? . ALL children we say: "Give Peace a Chance"! Give place to anger, make room for peace! Peace is forgiveness and love Unity and solidarity Respect for nature The brotherhood of peoples If peace took the place of greed, perhaps instead of the jungle of survival to live in the world of happiness and freedom that we all dream of….
8528. We deserve peace! - 21ο Δημοτικό Σχολείο Αγίου Δημητρίου

We deserve peace! - When I grow up I want to be a singer! - I want to be Antetokounmpo! - I will be a peacemaker! I will do something to stop war...violence! - But how? - I don’t know, but there must be a recipe. - If it does not exist, we will create it! - Let’s go! We mix in a bowl our will for a better life on this planet with love for mankind. We add happiness and respect. Afterwards, we add the brotherliness between the nations of the world and sprinkle the mixture with our regret and smiles. In the end, we put the mixture in our mind and hearts and press the button...called patience. When the dough starts to turn to the color of cooperation and the flavor of mutual aid, then we garnish it with hope. - And...voilà ! Our recipe is ready and all of the children on earth will become peacemakers. because: We are children...and we deserve peace! Title: We deserve peace! School: 21st Elementary School of Agios Dimitrios Attikis, Class: 3rd grade (C3) Cooperating Teachers: Kolokousi Aggeliki, Verga Spiridoula, Isarioti Konstantina Special thanks for the valued help of: -The Headmistress of our school mrs. Karageorgiou Agoritsa. -And the teachers Bouzaki Chrisa, Delatola Christina, Boni Sofia (Arts) and Koutoula Avgi (Theatrical Education). Text: The students of 3rd grade in cooperation with the teachers. Music/Lyrics: 1. Mikis Theodorakis, Vasilis Rotas 2. Logothetis Ilias, Logothetis Giannis
8432. La Gomera for peace - Santiago Apostol School

The students of the Ceo Santiago Apóstol of La Gomera, island that chooses dialogue and listening using the Silbo gomero to communicate a message from the black sand of our beaches to the high peaks with whistled verses of our distinguished poet Pedro García Cabrera. (whistle was declared World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 2009) A la mar fui a por paz. ( I went to sea for peace) Don´t let an elm be rescued with stream of blood, nor desecrate pigeons with hate messages, nor burn the houses with olive branches. That cannot tear me from the lips that i love, Don´t put the weapons of hell in my hands, do not be ashamed of the waters that sing, of the wings that fly and of my own shadow. Que no se rescate un olmo con arroyos de sangre, ni profanen palomas con mensajes de odio, ni me quemen la casa con ramajes de olivo Que no pueda arrancarme de los labios que amo, que no ponga en mis manos las armas del infierno, y que no me avergüence de las aguas que cantan, de las alas que vuelan y de mi propia sombra. Pedro García Cabrera.
8169. What Peace is all about? - 1ο ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ ΑΧΑΡΝΩΝ ΕΙΔΙΚΟ

Participation of 1st Special Elementary school Acharnes in the radio spot contest "Kanto nakoystei Our radio spot : -What does peace mean to you? -Let's ask the children....They know everything, in any case. -And what are we about to ask? -Well, listen! _ If Peace was a flower,what flower it would be? CHILDREN: A rose, a bush, adaisy. -If it was a word CHILDREN: Awoman radio -If it was a colour? blue... green. -If it was a sound ? CHILDREN:The music...the piano. -If it was food? CHILDREN: A carbonara pasta,pizza,meat sauce pasta, bread with cheese,chicken soup! -If it was a garment? CHILDREN:A cardigan, if it was a garment i would wear it for sure, a uniform, a jacket. -Haven't you realized yet? -Yes! -Peace is when we are free to enjoy happiness in our daily life! -Now i just realized it!
8649. 2th Primary School of Giannitsa - 2ο Δημοτικό Σχολείο Γιαννιτσών

Radio spot of 2th Primary School of Giannitsa about peace between peoples in the earth.

The war can start for the simplest cause. Even for a blanket! - I, i - I want my blanket - it's mine - Give it to me - I won't give it to you - Watch the vein - Ha, ha ! I get it ! - I have a great idea! Should we hold it like a swing? Better make it a bridge! -Yeeeeessss! - If war sounds like bam bam .. - What 's going to save us ... - Peace is playing, giving hugs, giving kisses - and love In a diverse classroom, where the battle for healing is daily.

We want PEACE.
8305. The New Generation fight for Peace - 12ο ΓΕΝΙΚΟ ΛΥΚΕΙΟ ΑΘΗΝΑΣ

The 12o High School of Athens fights for Peace! Ladies and gentlemen, we are interrupting our program as we have developments on the issue of Ukraine. Tension is escalating on the border with Russia. Looks like we have five dead as well. Ladies and gentlemen, emergency update on the developments in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Two American F16 using high war technology, they hit two, for others one Serbian targets upon request. Peace for me is the serenity of the sunset, the summer evenings, the happy colors of the sky, a spring day. The peaceful look of the mother when you wake up in the morning, a hug, being able to live carefree with the people you love without fear. A good morning, the mutual respect of people, the mutual appreciation, the love, the acceptance of the different color, religion, language. How so much pain, so much life went into the abyss for a shirt empty for a Helen! I was too an archer in the war, my root of a man who missed! The New Generation fights for Peace! (we say this in five different languages)

Peiramatiko Gymnasio Panepistimiou Makedonias Omilos Radiwfonou Aikaterini Draga Despoina Moutoudi
8159. My hope - Elementary school Ljubo Babic

My hope Students of Catholic religious education from Primary School Ljubo Babić, Jastrebarsko, Croatia, under the leadership of religion teacher Katarina Pučar, participate in a radio message with the theme of peace. The sentences they say are from the Bible, Christian holy books and masterpieces of world literature, and they all speak of peace. As the last element, a line from the biblical Psalm 62 is included, which is repeated several times: "Only in God is peace, my soul, only in him is my hope." Accordingly, the name of the message was chosen: „My hope“. The students recite the words of the psalm in the languages they learn or know: English, German, Italian, Ukrainian, Russian, and it ends with the recitation in Croatian by a child who represents the future generations to whom we must create and transmit peace. Transcript of the radio message: We are students of Catholic religious education and we are for peace. We learn from the Bible in which it is written: From the book of the prophet Jeremiah: "For I know the plans I have for you - is the word of God - plans of peace and not of calamity: to give you a future and hope." Psalm 122: "For the sake of my brothers and friends I will shout: 'Peace be with you!'" From the Epistle to the Philippians: "And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your thoughts in Christ Jesus." From the First Epistle to the Corinthians: "For God is not a God of discord, but a God of peace." From the Gospel according to Matthew: "Blessed are the peacemakers: they will be called sons of God!" From the Gospel according to John: "I told you this so that in me you may have peace. In the world you have trouble, but be of good courage - I have overcome the world!" From the Gospel of John: "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give you." Only in God is peace, my soul, only in him is my hope (Ps 62, 6 in English, Ukrainian, German, Italian, Russian and Croatian language).
8682. Peace, what? - Night School Gymnasium Lyceum Larnaca

2023 what peace are you talking about? It is very difficult for me to express my self..These circumstances make me feel uncomfortable. [...] In all this darkness we need to see some colour. The colour of Peace The peace of our inner self. The peace of our country, our world.. Thia is the peace i am talking about..

PARTICIPATION IN THE COMPETITION of 2022 2023 A wish they forget They remember her on holidays A great concept Through so many calamities Six letters PEACE That deserves respect Stop the wars Unite for good - A song about PEACE from ENEEGYL of Chios We want to make our voices heard our voice for PEACE
8611. CIRCLES - Ayios Vasilios High School

Sirens. War. Catastrophe. Death. Orphans. Refugees. Despair. Fear. Life in the ruins. The circle of Life during a war. Circles shouldn’t break violently! The circle of life during peace. Children are born, grow up, create. Fulfillment! Let’s join all together and let us be the voice of PEACE! ELEANA GEORGIOU C2 Agios Vasileios Gymnasium 2022-23

Wars, deaths, terrorism, poverty, disasters, climate change... Where is; Where is; Where is; But where is the peace? Peace is sought, Looking for the dream! "The child's dream is peace, a mother's dream is peace, The words of love under the trees are peace"... Ritsos also said. We want love! We want happiness! Together we can build a world without hate! We, the new generation, can do it! Go ahead, join hands for peace! TOGETHER WE CAN! "Say it's okay, a white day will come for us too". The role of the teachers was simply organizational, guiding, encouraging
8150. Microphones for peace. A poem - CEPA San Sebastián de los Reyes

Podcast recorded by high school students from CEPA San Sebastian de los Reyes, in Madrid, Spain , for the festival Make it Heard! They have chosen a poem written by the Spanish author Gloria Fuertes which pleads for peace.Podcast recorded by high school students from CEPA San Sebastian de los Reyes, in Madrid, Spain, for the festival Make it Heard! They have chosen to read a poem written by the Spanish author Gloria Fuertes which pleads for peace entitled Solo tres letras (Only Three letters). This is the translation of the poem: ONLY THREE LETTERS Only three letters, three letters nothing more. only three letters that you will forever learn. Only three letters to write PEACE (In Spanish is PAZ). The P, the A and the Z, only three letters. Only three letters, three letters nothing more, to sing for peace, to make peace. The P for people, the A for amour, love and the Z of “zapphire”/sapphire or zagal/lad. Of sapphire for a blue world, lad for a boy like you. No need to be wise nor have bayonets, if you learn only these three letters well, use them when you become older and there will be PEACE on earth. The podcast ends with the students saying peace in diferente languages.
8507. Peace of Senses - Α Θεσσαλονίκης

If Peace looked at us the world would change  If peace listened to our voice the world would strengthen  If peace talked to us the words would be wiser  If peace smelled everywhere would smell sweet  If peace touched us the stroke could give us warmness  Let’s put Peace in our heart and the world will be great
8520. Allow peace in your life - 4ο ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟ ΑΜΑΡΟΥΣΙΟΥ (ΖΕΚΑΚΕΙΟ)

Allow peace in your life The students of Zekakion 4th Primary school of Amarousion, join their voices along with their teacher Mrs Zinovia Vasileiadi and their music teacher Mrs Anna Messoloras. They hope to proclaim to the ends of the world to allow peace in their life to soothe their soul, emphasising in life’s everyday moments of happiness. The recording and processing of sound was performed by the students. Have the adults’ mistakes exhausted you? Do you feel fear, anxiety, and don’t enjoy life’s moments? Children have the answer…..Peace! Allow peace in your life to soothe your soul! Peace allows you to sleep like a baby Makes you sing like a musician Snuggling in bed, waking up without tears. Allow peace in your life to soothe your soul!
8521. Learn to see behind the words - 7ο ΓΥΜΝΑΣΙΟ ΤΡΙΚΑΛΩΝ

Three students discuss the concepts of Peace and War. These are simple words that we use every day, but what is behind them? Sometimes the content of words is expressed in numbers, but not everything is measured in numbers. Some situations cannot be quantified.
8239. Once upon a time, there was Peace - 2ο ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ ΠΥΡΓΟΥ

The students of the 2nd Elementary School of Pyrgos have begun the journey of Peace on the Hertzian waves. Peace gives life to the Greek alphabet letters inspiring charming and whimsical verses.
8447. PEACE - 1ο Γυμνάσιο Καρδίτσας

Participation of the 1st Experimental Junior High School of Karditsa in the radio message competition "Make it heard 2023" with the theme "The new generation for Peace". The radio message, which was inspired, created and delivered by the students participating in the school's Radio broadcasting Club, is based on the poem "Peace" by Chrysa Mastorodimos from the poetry collection "Interpreters". The Coordinator of the Radio broadcasting Club, Elena Papakosta, Music Teacher supported and encouraged the students' effort. Serena, More than ever you remain mute now in the tragedy of the world. Serena, your spirit lives in your body Serena, your body: in Palestine it is killed in America it explodes at the Paris station it is bleeding. Serena, may you come into our lives forever this undeclared war to stop the white doves to scatter and heal all wounds. But you got confused too in this flow of time this war it has no season it has no color and no religion it smells hallucinatory death without meaning. Serena, mute word, you have been living for years the man, his weapons turns on you. Now let out a scream don't stay mute any longer let your words be heard make God of the humble: Human - no human - to destroy.
8294. ON PEACE AND ON WAR - 17ο Δημοτικό Σχολείο Ρόδου

"Ladies and Gentlemen, these are our thoughts on Peace and War Peace is light – while war is deep darkness! Peace is the answer to all good things we desire! Peace loves children and war teaches them bad things. War is when the parks you go to have bonfires, no flowers – only burnt trees. In some countries it is simply winter. Here in the war it's like a hurricane bitter! Peace helps us learn to live a better life. While war deprives us of it. War is mutual hatred. - Peace is when we love each other. Peace teaches us – while war kills us! Everything good is built by peace - and everything evil by war. War is man's failure – while peace is his good fortune!”
8381. Peace is...... - ΓΥΜΝΑΣΙΟ ΑΡΓΑΛΑΣΤΗΣ

The first Graders of Argalasti's Junior High School are thinking about what "Peace" means for each and every one of them and... they are sharing their thoughts!!! A personal depiction of a great notion, in a simple and spontaneous way. We hope you enjoy it! For me, Peace is Love... For me, Peace is Freedom... For me Peace is Hope... For me, Peace is Happiness... For me, Peace is Laughter... For me Peace is Playing with friends... For me, Peace is Life... For me, Peace is Cooperation... For me, Peace is the joys of everyday life... For me, Peace is the coexistence of all people... Peace is Me! Coordination of the activitiy : Economou Evaggelia, Plati Eleni, Vakalopoulou Lia Song heard in the spot : "The children are drawing on the wall" Music by Giorgos Chatzinassios
8173. Youth for peace - Ivan Gundulić Primary School

Youth for peace Today, we take many things in life for granted. A few years ago, our health wasn't so important to us. Did we need a virus to remember us about it? Sometimes I wake up in a fear for my future. What will tomorrow bring? Does schooling provide financial security? As younger kids we weren't aware, but as we grow older, we feel that the world is less and less secure. Why do people start wars? What is the point of it? Have you thought about what future you're leaving to us? A recipe for a successful life and joy in your hearts: Don't look back on yesterday, think about tomorrow, happily, and proudly. Every day is not good, but it will pass like rain passes bringing us the sun. Be somebody's sun, too. With your smile, you can spread the heat to everyone around you. Slow down. Rest. Think about it. Be grateful. mentors: Anamarija Didovic-Batinic, Antonija Volarevic
8178. Peace is... - Third Elementary School Varazdin

Students of our school's drama&media group discussed about peace and decided to record a radio message about it. The messages were recorded by Zdravka Strmecki (a Croatian language teacher), Mladen Fotak (a music teacher) who also edited the recording. Antonia Pantelic (an ICT teacher) added accompanying music and student drawing related to the topic of the messages. We all had fun making the radio message. Here is our radio message in English: For me, peace is a special and unique gift. Peace is something that not every human being can have. For me, peace is a beautiful and social life. Peace is the best gift for someone. Peace is everything to me. Peace is what every human wants, but few have it. Peace is important, because without it we perish. For me, peace is harmony and reconciliation between people. For me, peace is friendship and equality between people, a world where everyone loves each other regardless of appearance and mistakes. For me, peace is unity and equality among everyone in the world. Peace is a unique gift and everyone would like to have it. We can spread peace by not insulting and judging others. Peace is the secret recipe for happiness. Peace requires good company and friendship. Even the restless need peace. Peace is what everyone would like to have, but many don't have. We can keep the peace by not starting fights. Peace is important for happiness. If we don't fight with others, there will be peace. Peace is a state of eternal love. We can spread peace by playing less violent games. We can ensure peace by not making the mistakes of generations before us.
8172. The squirrel´s news - Castellar Mountains School

Peace around the world

When children teach life, adults are silent! An awareness spot against violence and... a reminder of the essence of life!
8220. Αll together we can claim peace - 3ο ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ ΨΑΧΝΩΝ

Participation of 3d Primary School of Psacna Evoias in the spot for the new youth for the peace
8181. Let peace walk trough. - ΓΥΜΝΑΣΙΟ ΒΟΛΙΣΣΟΥ

"War, fear, poverty, death. Dont let the mistakes of others define your future. Let peace walk through!"
8113. "Peace": One word with more than one meaning... - 1ο ΓΥΜΝΑΣΙΟ ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΙΟΥ-ΚΟΡΔΕΛΙΟΥ ΘΕΣΣ (ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΙΟΥ)

"Peace": One word with more than one meaning... Μία λέξη, χίλιες έννοιες: ειρήνη μεταξύ των κρατών, ειρήνη μεταξύ των ανθρωπων, μεταξύ των φυλών κι άλλες αμέτρητες. Μία τόσο μικρή, απλή λέξη, που είναι σημαντική για όλους μας. "Ειρήνη": εύκολη στον λόγο, δύσκολη στην πράξη. Ο κόσμος βομβαρδίζεται από διαμάχες των Μεγάλων Δυνάμεων, διαφωνίες που οδηγούν σε γυναικοκτονίες, διακρίσεις φυλών, φυλής, θρησκείας. Πολλά ολέθρια αποτελέσματα αυτών των απερίσκεπτων πράξεων είναι η προσφυγιά, ο πόνος, η πείνα, η πίκρα, η αδικία, η φτώχεια, η δυστυχία... Ας ακούσουμε ένα απόσπασμα από τον ύμνο της ειρήνης, το Imagine του Τζον Λένον. Ειρήνη, λοιπόν! Αγαπάτε! Αποδεχτείτε! Ενημερωθείτε! Μην κάνετε διακρίσεις! Συμφιλιωθείτε! Το μέλλον είναι στα χέρια μας! Ας το κάνουμε καλύτερο με οδηγό την ειρήνη!

A child worries about her father- when will he come back from the war; Her mother tries to calm her down, but then the news broadcast states that all of the expedition' s soldiers are dead. A silence follows, indicating the mother's sadness. The anti-war message follows.
8626. "The world us a hug" - ΓΥΜΝΑΣΙΟ ΡΟΔΟΥ ΜΟΥΣΙΚΟ

The students of the Music School of Rhodes and members of the radio group "MOU-RO" wrote lyrics and performed a musical radio message entitled: "The world us a hug", inspired by the very sensitive topic of this year's competition "The New Generation for Peace ». The music that is heard is by our great composer Stavros Xarhakos from the Theatrical play "Οur Big Circus". The lyrics of the radio message are as follows: "The world us a hug" Peoples of the World all together in a hug, with love a weapon in our life, to find a nest in the heart, to spread wings again, People of the World feel love and humanity! Spreads white wings again and flies, without interest, hatred and injustice, let the little children play, to the world the warm embrace, white wings opens again and flies! Students participate: Song: Papanikola Eleni and Parisi Katerina Piano: Eleni Stefanidis Violin: Aggas Giannis Guitar: Alimoudis Zisis, Flevari Filio Percussion: Nikos Katsourakis Bass: Diakostamatiou Michalis The recording was made by Professor Emil Polymenov.

What is peace, I wonder! Who can tell me? Does it come and go Like a wave on the shore? Is it, perhaps, an idea Elusive and distant? What is peace, I wonder! Who can tell me? Peace is a song Sweet as music It is pure and beautiful Bright as the sun It is a laugh, a caress A child’s kiss It’s a friend, a game A warm hug It’s the world hand in hand Moving on towards future It is love, love among people, Which will never be lost.
8562. "The peace's pie" - Καρδίτσα

"The peace's pie"
8596. Talk to me about peace, maestro! - 3ο ΓΥΜΝΑΣΙΟ ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΙΟΥ ΚΟΡΔΕΛΙΟΥ

"Talk to me about peace, maestro!" Orchestra: (The introduction of "Imagine" is being played, out of tune). Maestro: Have mercy, it is tragic, stop it! Student 1: You are right maestro, it is a complete failure. Student 2: You ARE tragic! I like it, it is just fine, it is super! Student 3: What are you talking about? Can't you listen that we are not in tune? Student 2: Wait a sec, are you saying I'm nuts? Student 3: I mean that you must listen to the other musical insrtuments as well, and not just to yours. Maestro: Peace be with you guys. Just like the way we are fighting now, like a cat with the dog, this is exactly how it is with music. Oh, music is like peace, it seems to be so soft and calm in the beginning, but to be created, so many conditions must be met. Student 4: Hey, we shouldn't fight with each other! Student 5: Don't be a smart ass! Of course we must talk calmly and be coordinated. Student 2: Ok, fair enough. Maestro: That's how we have a well-tuned and peaceful orchestra. Student 6: Otherwise our music would be terrible! Student 1: A real disaster!!! Orchestra: (Laughter!) Maestro: Ok, let's start again! Orchestra: (The introduction of "Imagine" is being played, correctly.) Maestro: That's it! Student 5: If the world was an orchestra and there was peace all around, it would sound like this!
8652. Not a moment of silence for peace! - 3ο ΕΠΑΛ ΛΑΜΙΑΣ ΕΣΠΕΡΙΝΟ

Participation of the 3rd EPAL of Lamia in the European School Radio Spot Contest "Kanto na akoustei 2023". Not a moment of silence for peace! It was nice here…. Nine months now that mum has been speaking about the beauties of life… The blue of the sea which meets the vast blue of the sky. The mountains and the fields, a canvas for fully green, vivid forests and countless colourful flowers. The wind which carries the sounds and the scents of the whole world. The sun which every day fills the world with light, warmth and hope and the moon with the stars which accompany the dreams of all earthly creatures. The voices of the children, the laughter and vigour of the students, the songs of the friends and relatives sitting around a table blended with birds’ singing. The travels around the world. Different cultures, customs, traditions, hospitality. Music, dancing, painting, arts! Civilisation! All people, all animals, all plants, the whole world in harmony! Everything in light! Light! All these always with an urge: “Peace within ourselves, peace with the people around us, peace to the whole world!” Therefore, no more a moment of silence for peace! I, too, join in the struggle for all the beauties of Peace! Teacher: Stavrogianni Dimitra Student: Pistiolis Konstantinos
8498. There is a reason - 4ο ΓΥΜΝΑΣΙΟ ΠΕΤΡΟΥΠΟΛΗΣ

Nikolas and Maritina of G2 class together with the children of A1 of the 4th Junior High School of Petroupolis They imagine peace, they dream of it, they commit to fighting for it. Because... They are children. And they deserve it!
8477. When would all - Primary School Titus Brezovacki

We made our version of Croatian song When would all (Kad bi svi - in Croatian) written by the Croatian composer Arsen Dedic. We made a spot with singing and talking and had so much fun doing the recordings. We used Croatian and English language. Hope you like it! Here are the lyrics and the transcription of the talking all written in verses: WHEN WOULD ALL When would all people of world like all the kids in the world oh when would all people of world decided and tried. Let us say that's enough too many tears it was tough in the world it was bad we won't be sad. And then there would be no war and who is alone gets a brother And all the fears would disappear cause there would be peace. Kids, jokes aside let's bring food and things some have too much but others need just that! When would all kids of world like all the people in the world oh when would all kids of world decided and tried. Let us say that's enough too many tears it was tough in the world it was bad we won't be sad. Let us say that's enough too many tears it was tough in the world it was bad we won't be sad.
8186. Youth for peace_3ο Γυμνάσιο_Καλύμνου - 3ο ΓΥΜΝΑΣΙΟ ΚΑΛΥΜΝΟΥ

The students of the 3rd Gymnasium of Kalymnos give their own message describing what peace means to them. They wrote and recorded the text, chose the music, edited the audio files and made the banner. The role of the teacher was encouraging bye helping students to participate in the competition, expressing their point of view and providing support and facilitation whenever students needed it during the audio editing process with the Audacity program. Supervising teacher Sklavounaki Ioanna
8539. Peace, such a small word - ΔΗΜΟΤΙΚΟ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ ΑΡΝΙΣΣΑΣ

Peace, a word so small, a word of letters, but with so much meaning. The letters dance on the paper. It spreads joy, love, happiness and life. Without peace we will not have our daily life, the school closed, the market deserted, the parks empty and the world sad and afraid. At night we would lose sleep, full of insecurity and terror. But will we sit idly by? No! We will resist! We should not be afraid to speak, if we join our voices we will become a wall, a shield, we will stop the warmongering politicians and the weapons manufacturers. The earth is dying from pollution and the war is also to blame and we cannot help the earth if the war is in our heads. Let's protect the peace all together! Text: Natalia Berea Speak a message: Natalia Berea – Eleni Tsotsi – Katerina Theodorou 5th grade students of Arnissa/Pella Primary School Soundtrack: Inspiring Cinematic Ambient - Aleksey Chistilin [No Copyright Music] Poster: Georgia Papatraianou (5th grade student) Animator: Ilias Kartas – 5th grade teacher

Participation of the 4th grade of 15th Primary School Kallithea in the radio spot contest "Kanto nakoustei" 2023

Peace, sweet is your name. Your hair is golden like the sun. Your eyes like a sea wave. Let's all take a step. With a red smile on our lips. In your arms, let's all become friends. To drive away the war, the sorrow. Let the flowers, plains and gardens bloom. On earth the orchard, let us all wish: Let peace take root! Let the seeds of love and joy spread to the world! Peace! Peace!
8466. A piece of peace, please - 20ο ΝΗΠΙΑΓΩΓΕΙΟ ΗΡΑΚΛΕΙΟΥ

Make it heard Let the whole world know about it Let the whole earth know about it What the recipe of peace is Choose your ingredients One by one from your heart Take a pot Put everything in it One bunch of flowers One music staff full of songs One “cup” of sun One very good friend of yours as well Two pinches of salt But I think something haw slipped my mind Sand from the beach One “tablespoon” of cooperation A little jam A whole team, too However, one ingredient is the most basic Put love, as much as you have So much that you can’t stand Then share the food Don’t leave anyone hungry Let us become a human chain The strongest shield of peace A piece of peace, please!

a song about love and peace In this small world which is full of saffering each of us lives with his mistakes war leads us to death, to envy and selfishness causes us eternal pain But even in the hearts of opponents there is a felling - love for the other And if you love someone without criticizing you will find your way to a world where peace
8509. " Armed with our Voice" - 4ο ΓΕΝΙΚΟ ΛΥΚΕΙΟ ΝΕΟΥ ΗΡΑΚΛΕΙΟΥ - Τ.Α.Δ.

Participation of 4th Lyceum of Iraklio in the European School Radio contest " Kan'to n'akoustei 2023: Youth for Peace".